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Strategic Plan Meets Your Congregation

Grants and Initiatives for Your Congregation

At the 2012 Synod Assembly, our synod voted to adopt a strategic plan, designed to allow our synod to strategize fresh, Spirit-filled ways to respond to the movement of the Spirit in a changing time.

The committees for each part of the plan, Claimed, Gathered, and Sent, are helping us communicate and connect to the world around us, sustain and create vital ministries for the future, and work for a more just world.

Together, our synod has made tremendous strides with initiatives that make possible a renewed way of living as God’s people in the world. These new initiatives are designed to impact your congregation, equipping and freeing you to do God’s work in this time.

Download a summary of the grant application process.


Congregational Support Challenge Grants

Improve Your Building - Develop a Congregational Strategic Plan


Congregational Savings Plans

Heating - Insurance - Payroll - Property Surveys


Leadership Development Grants

Sharpen your skills in a changing world


The Sower's Project

Nominate a Neighborhood or Leader - Seed New Ministries


Get Online

Get started with web presence


Grow in Faith

Deepen your faith and sense of Lutheran identity


Get 20/20 Vision for Outreach

Connect to others through the 20/20 Vision booklet

Capital Improvement Challenge Grants Review Team

We offer our thanks to the capital improvement grant review committee for their hard work:  


Ms. Susan Brandt, Staff 

Pr. Gary Schulz, Chair

Pr. Kathleen Koran, Staff Convener

Pr. Joanne Bond

Pr. John Flack

Hazel Goldstein

Mark Goodwin

William Henderson

Walter Nash, Synod Council

Pr. Jeanine Owens

Synod Deacon John Prosen, Synod Council

Frank Suttell, Treasurer

Wendy Bean Tannenbaum, Synod Council


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