MNYSvotes is an initiative and guide focused on voting, to empower and inform all individuals equally.

By providing members of our communities with faith-based resources about voting we seek to empower Lutheran individuals and encourage faithful and nonpartisan voter participation. The voice of each and every one of God’s children counts. 
A series of videos from our leaders of our synod will provide information for members to orient themselves within and discuss the importance of voting and elections with regard to racial, gender, and economic justice.  Importantly, by also focusing on engaging with young adult leaders and ethnic communities, everyone can be equally equipped with the tools and information to enact positive change and enjoy the full potential of their voting rights.
Featured Videos: 

ELCAvotes is an initiative:

  • expanding the role of the church in encouraging faithful and nonpartisan voter participation by providing faith-based resources around voting
  • providing a framework for all Lutherans to understand and speak out about the intersection of voting and elections, and racial, gender and economic justice
  • amplifying the voices of young-adult leaders in the church and providing a platform for young adults to explore what it means to be a civically engaged person of faith
  • engaging with and equipping ethnic communities to talk about voting rights and race, and their connection with elections today



This Living Lutheran article discusses the question, HOW SHOULD LUTHERANS BE INVOLVED IN POLITICS?

"The “two hands” (or “two kingdoms”) teaching, explaned in detail by the social message, holds that God cares for creation in two ways, through law and gospel. With the right hand, God governs by grace and gospel, extending mercy as a gift. With the left hand, God carries out his stewardship in the world by means of law and government. The social message sets forth the ELCA’s teaching on these matters, helping church members become more faithful in their Christian discipleship and responsible citizenship."
Read the full article HERE.