Synod Assembly Elections


Open nominations are currently open. For information regarding conference nominations for synod council, please contact the Dean of your conference.


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At our 2021 Synod Assembly we will be electing persons to our Synod Council, Consultation Committee, Discipline Committee, and Churchwide Assembly Voting Members. Below, you will find both the listing of open seats and a description of the position. We strongly recommend those nominated are familiar with the position description below. 


Three-Year Term
West Nassau:  Clergy
Peconic:  Clergy
Manhattan:  Clergy
Staten Island:  Clergy
SW Queens:  Lay Female
NW Queens:  Lay Female
At Large:  Lay Female
Multicultural at Large:  BIPOC/MENA Female
South Shore Brooklyn:  Lay Male
Hudson:  Lay Male
Tappan Zee:  Lay Male
At Large:  Young Adult
One-Year Term
At Large:  Youth (16 – 17 Years)


Five-Year Term
Clergy:  Female
Clergy:  Male
Lay:  Female
Lay:  Male


Five-Year Term
Clergy:  Female
Clergy:  Male
Lay:  Female
Lay:  Male


Clergy Female: Three Representatives
Clergy Male: Two Representatives
Lay Female: Two Representatives
Lay Male: Three Representatives
BIPOC Female: One Representative
BIPOC Male whose primary language is other than English: One Representative
Female Youth (16 – 17 Years): One Representative
Male Young Adult: One Representative



The Synod Council serves as a board of directors that makes legislative decisions between Synod Assemblies. The Synod Council exercises trusteeship responsibilities, recommends goals and budgets to the assembly, carries out resolutions of the assembly, reviews the official rosters and rostered leaders’ statuses, issues calls, as well as supervise the work of committees (S.10).
Synod Council members must be voting members of a congregation of our synod or on our synod’s roster of ordained ministers. Aside from officers, there are 10 to 24 members:
  • at least one who is a youth (ages 16-18, serving a 2 year term)
  • at least one who is a young adult (ages 18-30, serving a 4 year term)
  • 8 clergy members (serving a 4 year term)
  • 6 lay female (serving a 4 year term)
  • 6 lay male (serving a 4 year term)

The Synod Council meets most months, via video conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When in person, the Council meets six Tuesday evenings, two Saturdays and one overnight retreat, during the year. Seats on Synod Council will be declared vacant after four unexcused absences or overall attendance that is less than 50 percent in a twelve-month period.

In 2021, we are filling 13 seats. The Nominating Committee will solicit nominations through a conference nomination period until May 24, when name and contact information may be submitted to the committee for consideration. After this the committee will solicit nominations, during the open nominations period until July 19. This extended open-nominations deadline is to account for the fact that nominations won't be able to be made from the floor during this year's digital assembly. Members are elected by the Synod Assembly. More information is available in Chapter 9 of our constitution.

Consultation Committee

The Consultation Committee consists of twelve persons, of whom six shall be lay and six shall be Ministers of Word and Sacrament/Service, who shall be elected for a term of six years. Members of the Consultation Committee are called to consider matters of adjudication in a congregation. The functions of the Consultation Committee are set forth in Chapter 17 of our synod constitution.

Discipline Committee

The Committee on Discipline shall consist of twelve persons of whom six shall be ministers of Word and Sacrament/Service, and six shall be lay who shall be elected for a term of six years. The Committee on Discipline shall be responsible for the process of discipline governing officers, ministers of Word and Sacrament, ministers of Word and Service, congregations, and members of congregations in accordance with Chapter 20 of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

2022 Churchwide Assembly Voting Members

The Churchwide Assembly is the highest legislative authority of the churchwide organization. Voting members of the Churchwide Assembly must be a voting member of a congregation of this church elected by the members of the Synod Assembly. The Churchwide Assembly will be held August 8-12, 2022, at Greater Columbus Convention Center, in Columbus, Ohio