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God loves you

Dec 23, 2012



What more do we need to know, what more do I need to say?


God loves you. Who you are, what you are: God knows and loves all that. God cherishes you, loves for your companionship, wants to build a relationship with you that lasts forever. You are the apple of God's eye. Put another way: God has this passionate love affair going on with you.


That's what Christmas tells us.


We have been created in the love of God and for the love of God. Love is the essence of who we are. When we find ourselves outside of love, it's a sign that there's something wrong. But that problem can be fixed, repaired, because love is the essence of who we have been created to be, in the image of God, who is love. We have been created to be rooted and grounded in life-giving love (Ephesians 3:17).


We can tell whether we are living in the love of God by asking ourselves what we worship. Worship is about ascribing ultimate worth and meaning to something. Will your worship last a lifetime and see you into eternity? Or will it have to go? If your life of faith is predicated on forever having good health and a sense of certainty that you will never have problems, you are giving ultimate meaning to something that won't last. If your life of faith is predicated on job security or career advancement, on your being held in high esteem, on your being in control, on your feeling safe and protected all the time, then your life of faith is not big enough.


Christmas tells us that life is on God's terms. God shares life with us as a gift, freely. If nothing else, in these recent weeks, many of us have learned that if our life of faith is no bigger than our things or our mortality or our success, it's too small and it won't last. We've had plenty of bad news. Our lives are incomplete, unmanageable. But in Christ there is good news: you have been rescued from that. God knows that you need to be saved. God knows you and loves you and offers you, this Christmas and always, the gift of love.


God loves you.


Bishop Robert Alan Rimbo



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