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Safety during the storm

Jan 26, 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers:


Walking with you in the light of Christ during these Epiphany days, I write with regard to the terrible weather we are projected to experience. I realize that I am not writing anything you don’t already know, but I want to encourage you in your ministry.


If projected snowfall totals and weather conditions are anywhere near being accurate, the level of disruption will be difficult for the typical family who is prepared and ready to hunker down. For the elderly, those living alone, or those without a place to even call home, this weather has the potential to be an insurmountable and deadly catastrophe. We must do all we can to help our neighbors who may be literally trapped in their homes or worse.


I invite you--pastors and lay leaders--to use social media, phone outreach, and any other means to engage the elderly, frail, and other neighbors in our communities who might be isolated. Please make sure that they are safe during the storm. 


We are committed to serving the community and doing God's work with our hands. Key to meeting that commitment is being a good neighbor and helping those who are in need. This unprecedented storm is set to place many in a position of vulnerability.


I hope we can provide help at this time, making it clear to those in need that they are not alone, that our pastors, lay leaders and concerned members are standing by to provide the assistance they need.


I pray for you and your ministry, especially in this time of crisis.


Bishop Robert Alan Rimbo



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