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Bishop's Message

RSS By: Bishop Robert Alan Rimbo

The Rev. Dr. Robert Rimbo shares regular thoughts and reflections about our life together.

To be continued...

Apr 11, 2017

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At a recent meeting of our team leaders for the strategic plan, we were discussing the rock opera, Jesus Christ Super Star. One person remarked about how, "way back then," Christian people were upset that this rock opera did not contain a resurrection scene. I remembered such conversations, even with a pastor-professor of religion in which I reminded him that none of the choral passions of the great masters contained a resurrection scene. It was one of the rare times this professor was quiet.


One of our favorite family stories involves a Palm/Passion Sunday in which the story was proclaimed (without a resurrection scene, of course.) At the end of the reading of the passion, our son, Justin, urgently tugged on Lois’s sleeve to get her attention, and then said, "Mom, Mom, this is to be continued, right?"


As we come to this Holy Week, these Three Holy Days, and the Easter Season to follow, I grieve for the state of our world: Syria comes to mind immediately – China, Korea, Russia – and there are countless others including our internal relationships in church and state. All need to hear and believe the message of Christ.


I pray you will remember that this story is to be continued in our lives. Baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection, we have the joy of proclaiming that Christ is risen. 


I pray you will be blessed in your proclamation as you continue the story.


Bishop Robert Alan Rimbo

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