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February 2012 Archive for Congregations Blog

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Pastor Kathleen Koran shares resources and ideas for congregations.

Identifying skills for healthy leadership

Feb 03, 2012

"This life, therefore, is not godliness, but the process of becoming godly, not health, but getting well…"

—Martin Luther


When I attended the Healthy Congregations annual gathering this past summer, I noticed a subtle but significant change in language. Rather than saying "healthy congregations" and "healthy pastors," we were talking about "healthier" congregations, pastors, and leaders. I responded with a laugh first, and then a sigh of relief. We’ve tempered our perfectionism with realism, but have maintained our hope as well. Brother Martin would be proud.


Healthy Congregations is a series of six five-hour workshops that introduces "systems thinking" to congregational leaders. Participants explore the effects of anxiety and conflict on an emotional system (the congregation), and begin to identify and practice skills for healthy leadership in an era of rapid cultural change and challenge.


Not a "fix-it" program for a congregation in conflict, but an introduction to a way of thinking and understanding our relationships and inter-relatedness, Healthy Congregations can help our church strengthen ministry by strengthening leaders. Individual congregations, clusters and conferences are encouraged to plan for these workshops in your area. A number of trained facilitators in our synod are ready to help congregations plan and host these workshops. The workshop titles are below:


1. Creating Healthy Congregations

2. Healthy Congregations Respond to Anxiety and Change

3. Leadership in Healthy Congregations

4. Relationships in Healthy Congregations

5. Healthy Congregations Develop Generous People

6. Spiritual Care of Healthy Congregations


Contact Pastor Kathleen Koran, Assistant to the Bishop for Congregations, for more information.

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