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October 2015 Archive for Congregations Blog

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St. Francis of Assisi

Oct 04, 2015

October 4 is the commemoration of St. Francis of Assisi. He is known for his love of animals and creation so many congregations invite people to bring animals of all sizes to church for a blessing. We asked some of our pastors what was the most memorable animal they had blessed and here is what we heard.

"The most interesting and cutest for me was a baby hedgehog."

Pr. Heidi Neumark
Trinity Lutheran Church, Manhattan

I have blessed so many animals over the years including a python named Sunshine; turtles and tortoises, a chinchilla that showered me in dust, horses, llamas, iguanas, a tarantula (from a distance), mink, and of course, dogs, cats, and birds."

Pr. Kimberly Wilson
Our Savior Lutheran Church, Glen Head, NY


"Our preschool chapel remembered St. Francis this week. We had a visit from a gold fish, dog, and bunny and prayed for them as pets who give great comfort."

Pr. Jim O'Hanlon
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Rye Brook

"Someone brought a wounded pigeon that no longer flew. It just sat there in the young woman's hands."

Pr. Mark Erson
St. John's Lutheran Church, Manhattan

"The most unusual animal I blessed was Jasper the Ferret."

Pr. Scott Paradise
Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church, Dobbs Ferry


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