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Disaster relief

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Disaster relief coordinator Pastor Craig Miller shares disaster relief information in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Quality of life

Dec 04, 2014

It may not seem like a big deal, but to Mrs. C in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, the mold on the windows of her glassed in porch had become a quality of life issue. Sandy's storm surge drove ocean waters into her basement flooding up to five feet. The flooding led to mold developing on the first floor and Mrs. C began to experience adverse health in reaction to the mold, conditions she did not have before the storm.

After spending the $13,000 flood insurance payment, plus much more from her own savings to rehab the basement, this 84-year old woman was left with insufficient resources to complete repairs to her home. In addition, the unique construction of her enclosed porch meant that few contractors would even consider a repair project, thus increasing the cost.

Thankfully, Mrs. C had a Lutheran Social Services Disaster Case Manager who brought her case to the Unmet Needs Roundtable convened by NYDIS. The Unmet Needs Roundtable brings funders together to hear cases presented by Disaster Case Managers. Funders decide between themselves whether and how much to provide for client recovery needs. In Mrs. C's case, a funder provided over $17,000 to cover the repairs.




disaster relief
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