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Disaster relief coordinator Pastor Craig Miller shares disaster relief information in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Showing care through companionship

Jul 24, 2014

What can a congregation do to help after a disaster?


St. Peter’s in Baldwin found a way to help by offering space in their building for volunteers to stay while they assist families to rebuild their homes.


Two Unitarian Universalist youth groups stayed at St. Peter’s in June and July and worked in Long Island and the Rockaways. St Peter’s provided bedding and food so that the groups could focus on the work they had to accomplish. As the thank you notes indicate, these groups greatly appreciated the hospitality of St Peter’s. (Click here to view the thank you notes larger.)


Such hospitality is an opportunity for our church to show that we care about our communities and those who suffer. We offer ourselves, our time and our possessions so that others may be comforted by our companionship. We share also with those who stay with us and promote learning about different people and communities. St. Peter’s has helped these Unitarian Universalist groups to understand Lutherans while also learning about the UU church.