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The Church of Our Saviour-Lutheran celebrates its 75th anniversary

Oct 29, 2015

563235dde0325.imageThe Church of Our Saviour-Lutheran in Manhasset celebrated its 75th anniversary Sunday with a service of celebration and a luncheon.


Nearly 200 people attended Sunday’s service of celebration, which was the fourth installment of a year-long Sunday celebration series put on by the church.


Approximately 150 people were in attendance at the luncheon that followed the service at the Port Washington Yacht Club.


"[The celebration] gave us an opportunity to thank God for God’s generosity for 75 years," said interim Pastor John Jurik. "We want to be a blessing to the community."


Read the full article from The Island Now.


Are Progressive/Liberal Theological Institutions Ready for Latina/o Christianity?

Oct 28, 2015

 Interfaith dialogue is getting people excited in progressive/liberal seminaries throughout the nation. Some view it as a revolution in theological studies, others as a new reformation. I believe that theological education is finally catching up to what millions of people of faith have been dealing with: interfaith dialogue and practices that have been occurring among many couples whose backgrounds are religiously diverse, as well as among the millions of Latina/o Christians who have multiple religious affiliations. I ask myself, "Will the nascent discipline of interfaith-dialogue include the ability to engage the rising Christianity from the South? Will theological schools be prepared to deal with "intra-faith" dialogue?"


Read more of MNYS' Pr. Samuel Cruz's blog for the Huffington Post here


Grace Lutheran’s Pastor Kennedy Says Goodbye

Oct 28, 2015

Grace Lutheran Church in Yorktown has had its fair share of pastors come through its doors in its 50-plus years of existence, but perhaps none more beloved than its current pastor Timothy Kennedy.


Beginning in 1978, Pastor Kennedy has been with his congregation every step of the way, and it is with a heart full of memories that many who belong to his church said goodbye on Sunday, Oct. 25, which was Kennedy’s final service before his retirement.


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Vigils at local precincts in memory of slain officer

Oct 27, 2015

image1Cops and community gathered in solidarity on the evening of Monday, October 26, to remember Police Officer Randolph Holder, who was shot to death on the evening of Tuesday, October 20 while pursuing a suspect across a housing project in East Harlem.


Outside the 68th Precinct stationhouse, 333 65th Street, the Reverend Khader El-Yateem led the vigil, as members of the precinct’s Explorers held tall candles that flickered in the darkness.


Read the full article from The Brooklyn Home Reporter here

National millionaire icon lived as hobo still educates homeless needs today

Oct 25, 2015


Broadway Global picks one new musical as the off Broadway must see this November. Performed by Actor/Singer/Songwriter Jara Jones on a homemade cigar-box guitar in an immersive setting, King of the Hobos examines hobo culture as well as the Depression-era hardships and social ideals which still resonate throughout our nation today.


The Upstairs Theatre at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was newly restored and reopened in 2015.


Read the full article from the Examiner here

Halloween 2015: Teal Pumpkin Project aims to protect kids with food allergies

Oct 24, 2015


"It is so important that a child with an allergy be able to trick-or-treat to a home that supports the TPP so that they can receive a non-food treat," said Kim Luxoro, director of Zion Lutheran Preschool, Willowbrook. "I give out small water bottles on Halloween and it is always well-received by the children and their parents."


She added: "A little one who trick or treats to a home participating in the TPP (Teal Pumpkin Project) would be so happy to get a new pencil or sticker instead of a food item that could potentially put them in harm's way. I absolutely support this project and hope that it will bring even more awareness for those who have to deal with food allergies on a daily basis."


Read the full article from SI Live here.

Why two colleges are allowing themselves to shrink rather than ‘chase volume’

Oct 21, 2015


Five years ago Staten Island’s Wagner College was struggling to make enrollment targets.



Other colleges were growing as Wagner was shrinking. So Wagner’s administrators had to make a decision: significantly up student aid, in many cases beyond what students might need, or lose students. The college ended up taking a conservative approach, putting it squarely among the minority of its private peers, many of which place growing enrollment among their most important goals for survival and financial health.


We made "the decision to protect quality rather than chase volume," which means Wagner was ready to "get smaller if we had to," says Richard Guarasci, Wagner’s president of more than 13 years.


Read the full article from Inside Higher Ed here

Thank you, yes put it on prayer list. Monday, Nov. 16, heart surgery, specifically mitral valve rep

Oct 21, 2015


A not-for-profit organization and the New York Metropolitan Lutheran Synod are moving toward a deal whereby the shuttered Zion Lutheran Church on Fourth Avenue at 63rd Street would be torn down to be replaced by an eight-story residential building that would contain a mix of senior and affordable housing for low-income families.


Read the full article from the Home Reporter here. This is a part of how our synod aims to give back to the community and repurpose buildings after their sale.


NYU Lutheran Family Health Center is three for three

Oct 08, 2015

Fire up the presses, NYU Lutheran Family Health Center has been awarded $575,220 in Affordable Care Act funds to expand its high-quality, comprehensive care. The award came from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and was part of an $18 million initiative provided to 57 New York State health center networks, with NYU Lutheran getting the biggest share.


"These funds will enable more people to receive the great, affordable services patients have come to expect from our health centers," said Larry McReynolds, president at NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers.


Read the full article from Courier's Life Brooklyn Daily here

Trinity Lutheran Begins 125th Anniversary Celebrations

Oct 07, 2015

TrinityAstoriaAnniversaryOn the 125th anniversary of the founding of Trinity Lutheran Church of Astoria/Long Island City in 1890, the church has started a year-long celebration with "Trinity Presents Trinity, A Musical and Visual Arts Celebration," on Saturday, October 3. The evening was a great success.


After the concert the audience went down to the church Undercroft/Fellowship Hall, to view an exhibit of the work of more than a dozen artists, all of them members and friends of Trinity.


Read the full article in the Queens Gazette.

Bay Ridge Muslims Not Happy About Carson’s Muslim Comment

Oct 05, 2015

Pastor Khader El-Yateem of Salam Arab Lutheran Church said Carson’s comments were a distasteful strategic move to boost his ratings. The Bay Ridge pastor said the entire Arab community – not just Muslims – is impacted by these discriminatory comments.


"Muslims might feel more victimized but we are all the same community. We speak the same language; we share the same traditions. It really targets all of us. All of us become demonized and victimized by these comments," El-Yateem said.


Read the full article in the NY City Lens.

Grace Lutheran Starts Inclusive Ministry for People with Disabilities

Oct 04, 2015

From the Uniondale Beacon Newspaper:


College Rankings Fail to Measure the Influence of the Institution

Oct 01, 2015

But [Jonathan Rothwell] acknowledged that liberal arts programs and programs that train students for lower-paying fields were valuable to both individuals and society. "If your only goal is to make as much money as possible, you should study engineering, computer science, biology or business," he said. "But most people are interested in more than just making money."


So, for the benefit of those people, I asked Mr. Rothwell to do a ranking that deleted the curriculum component and identified the highest "value added" colleges regardless of major. I’m calling this the Brookings-Common Sense ranking. Here’s the top 10:


1. Colgate University


2. Carleton College


3. Washington and Lee University


4. Westmont College


5. Kenyon College


6. Wagner College


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