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Saugerties groups give back

Nov 25, 2015

food-drive-SQDuring the month of November, the Saugerties Central School District held two evenings for parent/teacher conferencing, taking the opportunity to include a food drive at each of the five campuses. Food collected at the junior and senior high school was donated to the Atonement Lutheran Church on Market St. All four elementary school collections were donated to Kings Fire Church to assist local families with the necessary items for a Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to all who donated and continue to make it possible for families in the community in need.


Read the full article in the Saugerties Times here



Rachel Held Evans: You don’t have to give away iPads at church to reach millennials

Nov 19, 2015

St. Lydia’s is a Lutheran church in Brooklyn, N.Y., that does a whole service around an actual shared meal; it’s called a dinner church. Going back to the very ancient practice of Communion, but in a way that kind of hasn’t been done in a long time. You don’t have to put on a show, you don’t have to give away iPads. That stuff rings kind of hollow. It’s more about recovering these ancient practices, but expressing them to a new generation in a new way.


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Linda’s Angels raise money for American Cancer Society

Nov 17, 2015

american-cancer-society-relayAthletes usually prepare for a big race by training. But members of a relay team called Linda’s Angels are getting ready for the race of their lives in a different way — by raising money.


Cancer survivor Linda Swalling, the woman for whom the team "Linda’s Angels" is named, is pictured with her goddaughter Angelia Lubrano at a previous Relay For Life in Bay Ridge. Photo courtesy of Donna Russo-LubranoCancer survivor Linda Swalling, the woman for whom the team "Linda’s Angels" is named, is pictured with her goddaughter Angelia Lubrano at a previous Relay For Life in Bay Ridge. Photo courtesy of Donna Russo-Lubrano


The team hosted a fundraiser at the Soul Café at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Bay Ridge on Nov. 13 and garnered close to $4,000 in a single night.


And they’re not through yet!


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North Shore holiday fairs offer variety of items and activities

Nov 14, 2015

Trinity,SISt.nickfairTrinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stapleton [Staten Island] hosted its annual "St. Nick's Fair"... The fair offered handmade items for sale, including items imported from Asia. Proceeds from the sale of the imported items are used to help women and children in the impoverished areas of the world where the items were made. The items included goods made by All Mothers Be Educated Now, and other goods made by children in an orphanage in Guatemala, according to fair coordinator Lorraine Danischewski.


"Most of the stuff is donated by the members of the church," said Kathy Klein, volunteer and church member. "The money goes back to the food ministry."


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Harbor Country Day School Students Donate to Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry

Nov 13, 2015

On Monday, November 9, students from St. James’ Harbor Country Day School delivered and sorted more than 1,000 pounds of nonperishable food items to the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry. The food was collected through the school’s annual food drive. "Harbor Country Day is honored to contribute to the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry," said John Cissel, Head of School at Harbor Country Day.

In March of 1984, the members of seven church congregations within Smithtown [including MNYS congregation, St. Andrew's] saw a need to provide food to residents who could not afford to feed their families. 


Read the full article in the Long Island Exchange and at


How Churches Are Rethinking Sunday School

Nov 13, 2015

Over the summer, St. Lydia’s, a church in Brooklyn’s Gowanus section that is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, rolled out "Waffle Church," an all-ages service that has helped it attract new families and children.


Led by the Rev. Sarah McCaslin, a Presbyterian, Waffle Church is held on some Sunday mornings at St. Lydia’s storefront space. Children sit on the floor and, if needed, there are simple toys to play with and cereal for a snack.


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In order to fix race relations on campus, you have to start off campus

Nov 12, 2015

imageRacism isn’t an issue confined to college campuses, but as the events of the past week at the University of Missouri have shown, the college environment can be a microcosm that highlights challenges our entire society is experiencing. The larger issue behind these protests is that higher education needs to play a more direct, hands-on role in addressing the huge inequalities that plague our country.


The old argument that educators are helping underserved communities simply by providing quality education is not supported by the evidence. Reams of data show that vision of higher education’s role is not nearly enough to create real change.


Read the full article from Dr. Richard Guarasci, president of Wagner College, in Newsday

Westminster veteran recalls role in WWII

Nov 11, 2015

cctnews-veteran-who-served-in-wwii-recalls-experiences-20151110Eckhardt had grown up in a strongly Lutheran family, and with no dedicated chaplain on board, he found himself giving small religious services on the ship. He enjoyed this role so much that after the war, he decided he wanted to go to seminary.


Returning home in July 1946, Eckhardt finished his last year of undergraduate college at Western Maryland, then attended Gettysburg Seminary in Pennsylvania. After completing his studies, he received his first assignment — Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in New York City. Eckhardt and his wife, Nancy, whom he had married while in seminary, moved to New York, where they had five children over the next 25 years.


Read more about this veteran who's first call was in MNYS in The Carroll County Times.

Salam Arabic Lutheran Church hosts dinner dance to honor and unify its community

Nov 06, 2015

DSC_4552-624x407When Salam Arabic Lutheran Church held its annual gala on Saturday, October 24, it celebrated the good of those in the community who continuously give and show their support.


The night was graced with the celebration of several distinguished honorees including Executive Director of the Lutheran Augustana Center Jeanne Lee who was named Woman of the Year, while Azzam Obeid was named Man of the Year. Marwan Atallah was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award, and Lenny Bartkus was honored as an Exemplary Disciple. Pastor Khader El-Yateem noted that the honorees were "outstanding people, who have served the community for many years."


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Woodside Youth Expand Mulching

Nov 06, 2015

mantovani_woodside_heraldAs autumn operations power along across the entire zip code, the youth, having already made significant progress in tree care determined to add to their overall number of trees mulched, with Edison Salazar, 12th year student at Youth Leadership Academy and one of the vet- erans of this enormous beautification project, asserting "As long as we have supplies available, we could potentially do all the trees in Woodside without much struggle."


Such was the mood on Saturday, October 31, as the youth gathered in the way they have over long years...From there, the youth reassembled to continue other tasks in locations that have for many years been ones of disorderly littering, returning to the north side of Queens Boulevard near Sherry Dog Park at 67th Street to weed and clean the green space where these same youth planted over 30 trees during the period of their work, and in preparation for the winter months.


Read the full article in The Woodside Herald with pictures of St. Jacobus, Woodside's pastor and youth. 


Progressive for Whom? A Latino Pastoral Perspective

Nov 04, 2015

Oftentimes within the Democratic Party we hear analysts and commentators enthusiastically referring to "progressive" elected officials and or candidates. As a person of color who is committed to assuring that marginalized communities have access to and receive a fair share of the bounty of the richest nation in the world, I wonder what "progressive" truly means. My speculation is not only political but theological/religious as well. Is the "progressive" ethos enough? Does "progressive" simply mean that you are not a republican? Maybe it means that the progressive being referred to wants some form of immigration reform? As a Christian Pastor, I find it increasingly difficult to accept the purported meaning of being "progressive" to satisfy any criteria of what is considered to be humane and just.


Read more of MNYS' Pr. Samuel Cruz's blog for the Huffington Post here

Polls Are Open, Turkey’s On In Kingston

Nov 03, 2015

IMG_1770Trinity Lutheran Church’s annual Election Day turkey dinner is a sort of prelude to Thanksgiving and an excuse to bring the community together after fulfilling an important civic duty.


It’s been going on for more than 100 years, according to church folk, and it still manages to draw upwards of 300 people for the sit-down dinners held throughout the day.


Whether or not politics is discussed at the long tables set up in the fellowship hall, one thing is certain: People enjoy the autumn tradition and occasion to come together while awaiting election results, according to church members.


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