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A listing of when and where Metropolitan New York congregations and members appear in the media. For more information or to share an article with us, contact Rebekah Thornhill.

The Uncertain Future of Saving the Past

Jun 28, 2016

gallery-1466018691-chapel-of-the-good-shepardIn the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at Saint Peter's Church, large, abstract wooden sculptures seem to move along much of the 28-foot walls. The figures are strange yet somehow calming, giving the impression of quiet and space juxtaposed against the commotion of midtown Manhattan just outside. Nearby, three five-foot-long rectangular columns, representing the Holy Trinity, hang suspended from the ceiling next to the altar, covered in a gleaming gold leaf.


...Upon closer inspection, however, the pieces don't look so good. "The sculptures are in really bad shape," Nunberg says. She's an objects conservator with the Objects Conservation Studio, and it's her job to restore these sculptures to their former glory.


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NYC's 'Little Shelter That Could' Provides Refuge for LGBTQ Youth

Jun 28, 2016

Trinity Place, a shelter located in New York City, has been helping LGBTQ youth transition out of homelessness since June 2006.


Watch the video from NBC News here


The Third Place

Jun 27, 2016

A crowd gathered at the bars and clubs in Jackson Heights to remember the lives lost in Orlando.


...The crowd crammed into the cocktail bar, where Hugo Ovejero, the director of Latinos D., stood under a disco ball and read the names of the dead—"Simón Adrián Carrillo Fernández, treinta y uno años . . . Mercedez Marisol Flores, veintiséis años . . ." After each one, the attendees mumbled, in unison, "Que en paz descanse," or "Rest in peace." Pastor Fabián Arias, from St. Peter’s Church, in Manhattan, led a moment of silence, and then the group headed east down Roosevelt Avenue, past Taqueria Chila and Optima Beauty Supply and Crazy Tattoos Corporation.


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Kennedy Named Pastor Emeritus at Grace Lutheran Church

Jun 27, 2016

Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Kennedy has been given the title of Pastor Emeritus by his former congregation.


Grace Lutheran Church in Yorktown Heights bestowed the honor upon Kennedy at a Father's Day ceremony. Kennedy retired from Grace last October but still holds a special place in the hearts of the parishioners. The honorary title recognizes Kennedy's 37-plus years of service at the church on the corner, located on the corner of Curry Street and Gomer Street. The congregation is being currently led by Interim Pastor Susan Nagle.


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This Latino-Heavy, And Gay Friendly, NYC Neighborhood Remembers Orlando

Jun 16, 2016

"I am gay. I am heterosexual. I am lesbian. I am transsexual. I am what I want to be. Because it is what God created me for," said Rev. Fabian Arias, as he and others gathered at the Manhattan Cocktail Lounge in bustling Jackson Heights, Queens....


Arias, the senior pastor of the Lutheran Church of Sion, located at St. Peter's Church in Manhattan, marched on the neighborhood's iconic and diverse Roosevelt Avenue with LGBT activists, residents and community leaders holding candles, banners, flags and photos to remember the 49 victims of Sunday's mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


Read the full article from NBC News here.


Astoria Characters: God’s Handyman

Jun 14, 2016

2016-06-05-1465132163-747480-Kimpel17-thumbAs Henry Kimpel climbs the stone steps of Trinity Lutheran Church, an act he has done some 12,000 times since he joined the congregation nearly seven decades ago, he apologizes.


"I’m a slowpoke," he says, leaning heavily on his wooden cane.


The bad thing about old age, he says, is that you get old. That goes for churches, too.


There’s nobody who knows more about the physical aches and pains of Trinity than Henry. For nearly three decades, he took care of its repairs.


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