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Safe, Warm, Supported and Homeless: Sheltering LGBTQ Youth Who Need Our Help

Mar 01, 2016

trinityplaceI learned not long ago that many of the homeless youth and young adults who call Trinity Place Shelter (TPS) home, have their very first birthday there. In my world of privilege, it had never occurred to me that children might grow up without ever having a birthday cake. Or a birthday present. But yes, it happens. Often. When I think of the faded photographs of my own birthdays, at age 5, and 7, and 12 years old, a cake adorned with candles in the dining room, family gathered. I can't imagine if those photographs were taken away from me, the memories never made. It doesn't take much for us to buy a cake, and a gift. To gather around, offer support and love, and a safe, welcoming space; the feeling of a dozen people singing happy birthday to you, for the very first time. Is there anything you wouldn't do to make sure every young person has that? That is part of what makes TPS more than a shelter; what makes it a home for the youth who live here. 


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