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Woodside Youth Expand Mulching

Nov 06, 2015

mantovani_woodside_heraldAs autumn operations power along across the entire zip code, the youth, having already made significant progress in tree care determined to add to their overall number of trees mulched, with Edison Salazar, 12th year student at Youth Leadership Academy and one of the vet- erans of this enormous beautification project, asserting "As long as we have supplies available, we could potentially do all the trees in Woodside without much struggle."


Such was the mood on Saturday, October 31, as the youth gathered in the way they have over long years...From there, the youth reassembled to continue other tasks in locations that have for many years been ones of disorderly littering, returning to the north side of Queens Boulevard near Sherry Dog Park at 67th Street to weed and clean the green space where these same youth planted over 30 trees during the period of their work, and in preparation for the winter months.


Read the full article in The Woodside Herald with pictures of St. Jacobus, Woodside's pastor and youth.