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Committees, Commissions, Task Forces, and Teams

Anti-Racism Initiative
(leads synod-wide anti-racism efforts and trainings)

Mr. Roberto Lara Aranda, Pr. Marcia Parkinson-Harrison, and Pr. Becca Seely, Leadership Team
Pr. Perucy Butiku and Bishop Robert Rimbo, Synod Staff

Archives Committee
(maintains records for the synod and closed congregations)

Ms. Kathy Schmidt, Synod Staff

Assembly Planning Committee
(plans and manages details at the Synod Assembly)

Mr. Phil Rose, Chair
Ms. Rebekah Thornhill, Synod Staff

Audit Committee*
(recommends appointment of the independent accountants and reviews their annual financial statements, reports, and recommendations)

    Mr. David Jacobsen, Chair
    Ms. Kathleen Schmidt, Synod Staff

Candidacy Committee
(works with people who want to become ELCA-rostered ministers)

    Pr. Jeffrey Kolbo, Chair
    Pr. Jonathan Linman, Synod Staff

Child Youth and Family Ministry Network
(promotes ministries with children, youth and families)

    Dcn. Charlie Germain, Chair
    Pr. Jonathan Linman, Synod Staff

Claimed Strategy Area Committee
(help people grow in their faith through interaction and engagement with the Lutheran tradition)

Pr. Mark Erson, Chair
Pr. Jonathan Linman and Ms. Rebekah Thornhill, Synod Staff

Commission for Evangelical Outreach
(helps strengthen congregations as they develop new approaches to ministry in their areas)

    Pr. Richard Hill, Chair

Commission for Gay and Lesbian People
(promotes understanding of gay and lesbian issues)

    Pr. Mark Erson, Chair

Clergy Compensation Guidelines Task Force
(reviews the guidelines for clergy compensation)

Ms. Kathleen Schmidt, Synod Staff

Constitution Review Committee
(works with congregations and their constitution updates)

Currently being formed

Consultation Committee*
(works with congregations in crisis)

    Ms. Maria del Toro, Chair
    Bishop Robert Rimbo, Synod Staff

Disaster Response Task Force
(help to encourage disaster preparedness and assist in assessing the nature and scope of a disaster and appropriate synod response)

Currently being formed

Discipline Committee*
(investigates situations where discipline of a rostered minister may be needed)

    Ms. Maria del Toro, Chair
    Bishop Robert Rimbo, Synod Staff

Domestic Violence Awareness Task Force
(raises awareness of issues of domestic violence in our communities)

    Ms. Karri Whipple, Chair
    Ms. Rebekah Thornhill, Synod Staff

Environmental Stewardship Committee
(educates and encourages congregations to act with greater environmental responsibility)

    Mr. Gerard Falco, Chair
    Mr. Branden Dicks, Synod Staff

Executive Committee*
(reviews items to come before the Synod Council)

    Ms. Maria del Toro, Chair
    Bishop Rimbo, Synod Staff

Financial Management Committee
(prepares budgets and reviews synod income and expenditures)

Mr. Edward Wagner, Chair
Ms. Kathleen Schmidt, Synod Staff

Gathered Strategy Area Committee
(ensure that Word and Sacrament ministry is provided in the metropolitan New York area)

Ms. Hazel Goldstein, Chair
Pr. Lamont Wells, Synod Staff

Hunger Committee
(promotes action on hunger issues)

Dr. Robert Brent and Dcn. Karen Nurmi, Co-chairs
Rev. Perucy Butiku, Synod Staff

Immigration Task Force
(works to improve conditions and support for new immigrants)

Pr. Perucy Butiku, Synod Staff

Innovation Team
(works with Sower's Project Grants in our synod)

Mr. Alex Lawrence, Chair
Pr. Lamont Wells and Ms. Sue Brandt, Synod Staff

Mid-East Relations Committee
(accompanies, advocates, and raises awareness for those struggling in the Middle East)

Pr. Amy Kienzle, Chair
Bishop Robert Rimbo, Synod Staff

Multicultural Committee
(advises on multicultural outreach and works with multicultural tables)

Synod Deacon John Ogren, Chair
Pr. Perucy Butiku, Synod Staff

Mutual Ministry Committee*
(provides support and counsel to the bishop)

    Duties presently assumed by the Executive Committee

Nominating and Election Committee
(solicits and organizes nominations for synod offices and some synod committees; compiles, distributes and counts ballots and reports results at the Synod Assembly)

    Pr. Kevin O'Hara, Chair

Outreach Committee
(recommends funding for, supports and reviews ministries receiving partnership grants)

Pr. Mary Lou Baumgartner, Chair
Pr. Lamont Wells, Staff

Reference and Counsel Committee
(collects and makes recommendations on resolutions being presented to the Synod Assembly)

    Pr. Joel Brandt, Chair

Sent Strategy Area Committee
(network congregations, ministries, and leaders to proclaim the Gospel while responding to specific societal needs and issues)

Ms. Barbara Johnson, Chair
Pr. Perucy Butiku and Bishop Robert Rimbo, Synod Staff

Stewardship and Mission Support Table
(encourages a spirit of generosity among members, leaders, and congregations)

Pr. Lamont Wells, Staff

Synodically Rostered Diaconate Council
(sets policies for deacons’ education and performance)

    Dcn. John Malone and Nancy Casalino-Malone, Co-Chairs
    Pr. Jonathan Linman, Synod Staff

Tanzania Companionship Committee
(works to enrich our companion synod relationship with the North Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania)

Prs. Rosalind Brathwaite and Carol Fryer, Co-Chair
Pr. Perucy Butiku, Synod Staff

Worship Committee
(plans synod-wide worship events and worship at synod assembly)

    Pr. Frank Nelson, Chair
    Bishop Robert Rimbo, Synod Staff

*Standing committees are constitutionally mandated. Members of standing committees are elected by either the Synod Assembly or Synod Council. All other committee members are appointed by the bishop with the advice and consent of the council.

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Committee Resources

As approved by the 2016 Synod Assembly, all committees are asked to submit minutes from their meetings. Use this template for getting started. After a meeting this form should be sent to Sue Brandt, who will maintain the digital and paper records of committee meetings.


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