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Dreaming in English

April 1, 2010 12:03 PM

From the beginning, students at Kibeta English Medium Primary School (KEMPS) are poised for great achievements. The students know how lucky they are to attend a private school, one that routinely gets some of the highest test scores in Tanzania. They are eager to learn, and they know what their parents have sacrificed to make such an education possible. But the biggest reason that they are presumed to be future leaders has to do with the "E" in KEMPS. From the time students arrive as preschoolers, they are instructed in English rather than Swahili. Unlike many of their counterparts in public schools, the KEMPS students are comfortable in English (usually their third language): a huge advantage when taking national exams given in English. This facility with a universal language makes them more likely to continue on to high school and then to college.


American teacher Aaron Schutte, who is sponsored by our synod, recently asked his Standard VII class (equivalent to seventh grade) to write their dreams for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world. See what KEMPS students are dreaming about…in English. (The writings have been only slightly edited for spelling and are used by permission of the students.)


For myself
100 years later my name will be known all over the world. Because I have got a dream today that I will become a great scientist and be known all over the world.
-Nickiforos Paul


For myself
I have a dream that one day, as I study hard I’m going to fly a big plane of the world. And I should be the first Tanzanian person to fly it and it will be fantastic.
-Robinius Eliazar


For myself
I have a dream that I will once follow the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as my hero Baraka Obama. Also I have a dream that I will once be the most talented musician all over the known world just like Michael Jackson because I got ideas which are flowing like the river Nile.
-Kenneth Mitti


For my family
I have a dream that one day I and my family will have a trip to a national park and see animals.


For my family
I have a dream that my family to be safe and sound until when God calls them. I have a dream that my family will always be in peace and happy and successful in life. I have a dream that my family will be God’s children forever.
-Bella Mutagahywa


For my community
I have a dream that one day my school will rise up like the bright sun in the sky and it will shine like the light of a torch and each person will be able to participate and contribute for KEMPS. I have a dream.


For my world
I have a dream that the world climate will not affect us. And they will be having peace and love. People will respect and honour each other. There will be no wars anymore. And other countries which have hunger will have plenty of food. And those which have drought will have a lot of rain. We will live like sisters and brothers.
-Annamary Thomas


For the past nine years, the Metro New York Synod has been blessed to send American teachers to our companion synod to work at KEMPS. Our permanent endowment for Christian education makes this possible. Thank you for your participation in the edification of our partners!



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