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Metropolitan New York Synod Vocation and Formation

Faith Resources

We're Praying...

  • For health and healing for Pr. Ulf Lunow, who is undergoing cancer treatment
  • For the friends and family of Ruth Ann Modr, sister of Pr. Bob Modr, who died in Christ on March 4
  • For health and healing for Pr. Eric Mull, who is in critical care after fracturing five ribs
  • For health and healing for Pr. Winston Bone
  • For health and healing for Ira Nebrasky, husband of Pr. ElizaBeth Nebrasky, who is undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma 
  • For our nation and those who govern
  • For refugees and those who come to their aid 
  • For those affected by violence in their schools, workplaces, and homes 
  • For our partners in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land as they live amidst the continued Israeli-Palestinian conflict  
  • For the care of God's creation 
  • For the unity of this church and its mission
  • For MNYS congregations, partners, and leaders 
  • For ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission Kelly Lindahl, Caroline Mize, and Catherine Nelson, serving in the United Kingdom
  • For ELCA missionaries Clark Chapman, Joshua Chamberlain, Gloria Bengtson, and Julene Pettis, serving in Slovakia
  • For Bishop James Mauney, the staff and people of the Virginia Synod
  • For Bishop Timothy Smith, the staff and people of the North Carolina Synod
  • For all ELCA Bishops as they gather for the Conference of Bishops
(March 7)
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Prayer Calendar

Download the current Prayer Calendar:

March 2017

We envision a synod where everyone in every congregation is praying for every other congregation, one day at a time…asking that the Holy Spirit enter their hearts so that they may be moved to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our prayer calendar serves to encourage our many prayer partners to hold a congregation of the synod in prayer every single day of the year. In this way, each of our congregations will have been prayed for at least once in 365 days. The prayer calendar is widely shared throughout the synod. Many congregations print the prayer calendar in their Sunday bulletins week by week. During the intercessory prayers at worship on Sunday mornings, congregations and pastors are added to the petitions.

Each worshiping community, then, becomes intentional about lifting up all the brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter how far their worship spaces may be from the praying community.


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