Growing Deeply in Faith

Growing Deeply in Faith

So that all may grow deeper in faith through joyful engagement with the gospel in a Lutheran key, we envision that each and every ministry, program, process, initiative, and event of our synod—even business meetings!—will regularly and consistently include opportunities and formats for prayerful experiences of the means of grace.

Many have already expereinced this initiative of our strategic plan. From now until 2020, you can look for experiential and educational events, resources, and initiatives that will highlight ways we can live more creatively and deeply into and out of the means of grace and our Lutheran tradition. As they become available, resources and guides will be published here for your use. 

Reformation 500

roseWe will kick off our commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on October 31, 2016 with a joint Lutheran Catholic event and resources for congregations to host similar events. We anticipate speakers, worship events, and gatherings throughout 2017 for people to engage with tradition with an eye on greater unity in the future.  

Find background, resources, and links to our online calendar of Reformation 500 events here


Confession, Forgiveness, Reconciliation

cfrIn 2015-2016, we will focus on Confession, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, particularly the various rites used. We'll find ways to make the most of these rites and offer true experiences of reconciliation in our communities. Learn more about what you can expect this year by downloading this summary

Resource List

Here are some resources to help in thinking about Confession, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation:


Mutual Conversation and Consolation


In 2014-2015, we are focusing on Mutual Conversation and Consolation, learning together how best to have grace-filled conversations. Download a summary, "Understanding Mutual Conversation and Consolation."

Resource List

Cross Talk

This five-week Bible study series, based on the Sunday lectionary texts for Lent, also serves to unfold meanings of this year’s synodical emphasis on Mutual Conversation and Consolation in our life together. A goal of this resource offering is to create occasions to be engaged in the scriptures so that we may come to better understand conversational encounters as times when God communicates grace to us. Download Cross Talk here.

Download "A Theological Core: Communicating a Bold Lutheran Message."