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Hunger Committee

For I was hungry and you gave me food.
Matthew 25:35

The Hunger Committee raises awareness of global and domestic hunger issues and encourages congregations in ministries responding to the needs of hungry people around the corner and around world.

Through our Synod’s e-letter, the committee’s newsletter, Bread and Justice, and a network congregational hunger contacts, the committee highlights the relief, development, advocacy, and education work of ELCA World Hunger, the Lutheran World FederationBread for the World, and Lutheran World Relief. We publicize what synod congregations and ministries are doing to fight hunger and we offer ideas to those who want to become more involved, especially by supporting the work of ELCA World Hunger.

Potlucks to End World Hunger

PotluckstoendworldhungerThe Hunger Committee challenges each congregation in our synod to host a Potluck to End World Hunger during Lent!

Hunger is a personal as well as a global concern, and everywhere in between. One out of every nine people are hungry. One in six people lack safe drinking water. Almost one in four children in the United States live in families that are food-insecure (do not know when or where their next meal will be). Globally, nearly half of all deaths in children under age five are caused by poor nutrition or related diseases, since malnutrition also weakens immune systems, making people more susceptible to disease.  It also leads to stunting which has life-long effects on success rates in education and employment.  This loss of productivity ultimately has a negative impact on communities and nations. All of this makes Zero Hunger the second of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

The World Hunger Committee is challenging every congregation in the Metropolitan New York Synod to host a Potluck To End World Hunger. Many congregations hold potlucks during Lent. We are asking that you designate one as a Potluck to End World Hunger. During the potluck, have a speaker discuss the issues surrounding hunger. Have someone speak about how we can become advocates for the hungry. Invite someone who works for a hunger ministry/organization. And then take an offering!

ELCA World Hunger has resources on the website to assist in preparing a wide variety of activities as well as information about hunger

Use your imagination to tailor your event to your community. Discuss how members may get involved with hunger ministries, beyond their financial support. Talk about the connections one can make on the local to the global perspective. Feel free to contact the Hunger Committee for assistance or invite one of them as a speaker. Designate your offerings to ELCA World Hunger and other hunger ministries and organizations. Just think about it, what if every congregation had a Potluck to End World Hunger, and every member connected to one hunger agency, and donated one dollar? Think of the impact we could collectively have ending world hunger!!

Potlucks to End World Hunger is a grassroots movement formed in 2009 to assist in addressing hunger and hunger-related issues.  Hunger Committee member, Pastor Mike Poole, is one of the founding members. Potlucks to End World Hunger takes a four-aspect approach to hunger: Awareness, Advocacy, Action and Fundraising. We also call for engagement on four different areas of concern: local, regional, national, and global. Potlucks to End World Hunger has a group page group page and an organization page on Facebook.

Here are some resources to get started:


The committee’s newsletter, Bread and Justice, is published in the spring and fall. Learn about the issues. See how congregations are fighting hunger. Explore resources. Be a hunger fighter! Read the current issue.

ELCA Advocacy

advocacy_networkTo learn more about ELCA Advocacy efforts and to receive email alerts regarding issues important to hunger advocacy, click here and sign up! 



Read Our Newsletter!

Bread & Justice Winter 2016


Looking for sermon ideas that raise social justice issues in the lectionary?  Sign-up for Sermon Starters from ELCA World Hunger to receive them every week via email.

Contact Us

For information, questions, or to tell us what your congregation is doing to fight world hunger, write to us at mnysworldhunger@optonline.net.

Committee Members

Dr. Robert Brent, co-chair

Synod Deacon Karen Nurmi, co-chair
The Rev. Rosalind Brathwaite

The Rev. Perucy Butiku, staff  

The Rev. James O’Hanlon

The Rev. Michael Poole, Jr.

The Rev. Anthony Stephens

Eleanor Sudbrock
The Rev. James Sudbrock
Synod Deacon Richard Thyden

Abigail Triebel
The Rev. Alex Walbrodt  

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