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Hunger Committee

For I was hungry and you gave me food.
Matthew 25:35

The Hunger Committee raises awareness of world hunger issues and assists congregations in responding to the needs of hungry people locally and globally.

Through a network of congregational hunger contacts, its newsletter, and the synod’s e-letter, the committee highlights the relief, development, and advocacy work of ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran World Relief, Bread for the World, and the Lutheran World Federation. We publicize what synod congregations are doing to fight hunger, and we offer ideas to those who want to become more involved, especially by giving to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.



40 Days of Giving

In 2016, ELCA World Hunger is extending an invitation to our congregations: Lift up the life-changing work of ELCA World Hunger through new levels of giving - spiritually, intellectually and financially - starting with Lent. Learn more here

ELCA Domestic Hunger Grants

Domestic Hunger Grants are funded by ELCA World Hunger. Grant projects are generally in one of these areas:

  • Relief Grants, which provide immediate access to food, shelter, clothing, etc so that the basic needs of people can be met.
  • Development Grants, which lead to increased access to food and sustainable livelihoods through such means as adequate housing, jobs, job training, literacy programs, etc.
  • Community Organizing Grants, which address community issues through direct, collaborative public action and which emphasize leadership development.
  • Advocacy Grants, which speak with and on behalf of the poor and marginalized by advocating for fair and just laws and business practices.

The average award for a grant in 2013 was $2,500; the maximum that could be requested was $6,000. See the list of Domestic Hunger Grants on the MNYS territory in 2013.


placeatthetableWatch a Movie! Then Get Involved! 

A Place at the Table, released in March 2013 to theaters, iTunes, and on-demand is an eye-opening documentary about hunger in the United States. If you have ever wondered why so many Americans live with chronic hunger in a nation of such abundance, you will find answers in this film that emphasizes the hunger, stress, and complications of the 50 million Americans, including 1 in 4 children—for whom putting food on the table is a daily struggle. One especially enlightening fact that this documentary brings to the forefront is that we made significant strides against hunger in our nation during the late 1960s and early1970s, but then circumstances arose that contributed to the increase in hunger we have today. A major assertion of the film is that we can make make noteworthy progress against hunger again. Viewers are encouraged to get involved in a social action campaign. A Place at the Table  is produced by Participant Media, the company behind Food, Inc. and An Inconvient Truth. Learn more about the film here.

Bread for the World is an alliance organization of A Place at the Table  and is coordinating its 2013 Offering of Letters around the film as part of its social action campaign. As in the past, this letter-writing campaign encourages people to write letters to Congress in support of programs that help hungry and poor people. For the first time Bread is also asking advocates to sign a petition to be sent to President Obama to show how widespread support is for ending hunger and to encourage his leadership in creating the political will to enact a national plan to end hunger. Learn more about the Offering of Letters. In addition to resources for the conducting a letter writing campaign you will also be able to download a discussion guide for A Place at the Table.



The committee’s newsletter, Bread and Justice, is published in the spring and fall. Learn about the issues. See how congregations are fighting hunger. Explore resources. Be a hunger fighter! Read the current issue.


ELCA Advocacy

advocacy_networkTo learn more about ELCA Advocacy efforts and to receive email alerts regarding issues important to hunger advocacy, click here and sign up! 



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Bread & Justice Winter 2016

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Contact Us

For information, questions, or to tell us what your congregation is doing to fight world hunger, write to us at mnysworldhunger@optonline.net.

Committee Members

Dr. Robert Brent, co-chair

Dcn. Karen Nurmi, co-chair
The Rev. Rosalind Brathwaite
Dr. Jocelyn D'Antonio

Sarah Gioe, staff

The Rev. Danielle Miller
The Rev. James O’Hanlon

 Ms. Beverly Small

Eleanor Sudbrock
The Rev. James Sudbrock
Dcn. Richard Thyden

Abigail Triebel
The Rev. Alex Walbrodt
Ms. Sharon Wilson


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