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Assistant to the Bishop for Faith and Leadership Formation

As a theological educator and spiritual guide, the Assistant to the Bishop for Faith and Leadership Formation uniquely brings the qualities of the seminary classroom to your ministry. He also works administratively with various synod ministries. His service is made possible by your regular mission support. He is available to:

  • Lead educational and formational events
    • Adult Forums
    • Bible Studies
    • Quiet Days
    • Retreats
    • Short courses
    • Workshops
  • Lead in settings such as:
    • Committee and board development meetings
    • Conference meetings
    • Congregations
    • Ministerium meetings
    • Pastors’ and deacons’ study groups
  • Lead occasions for group spiritual guidance
  • Link those who wish long-term spiritual direction with spiritual directors
  • Oversee the use of the synod office chapel
  • Preach and preside for special occasions and events
  • Provide educational and formational tools and suggest resource persons to synod members
  • Provide short-term spiritual direction to those in public ministries
  • Serve as theological advisor to the bishop and other synod leaders
  • Teach seminary courses as an adjunct faculty member

linmanBiographical Information for Jonathan Linman, Assistant to the Bishop for Faith and Leadership Formation

Pastor Linman has served as a parish pastor, seminary professor and academic program administrator. He is a well-received worship leader, preacher, teacher, facilitator for quiet days and retreats, and brings to the work significant background in synodical and churchwide initiatives.

Further biographical information for and background on Pastor Linman


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