Reformation 500

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Based on our hoped for outcomes within our synodical commemorations, here are ways that you can start planning a Reformation 500 event within your congregation or conference. Tell us what you are doing here. Events will be added to our website and included in our Reformation 500 events list.


Deepening our Lutheran Identity

What are your special plans for Reformation Sunday on October 29?
Have you thought about providing educational events on Reformation 500 themes?
How about new and creative ways to use Luther's Small Catechism? After all, the catechism is not just for kids!
What about Reformation-themed movie nights? There are some great ols and new films and videos available.

Sharing our stories
Find resources for educational events, including one centered around the small catechism, here. See how others have shared their Lutheran stories here.


Offering a Bold Public Witness

How about reaching out to your local media for special feature stories during late October of this year?

Media Relations
There are some resources for effective media relations on and in the Reformation Sourcebook. Make sure you and others are ready to answer questions about Luther and Lutheranism and share what this means today.


Nutruring Ecumenical and Interfaith Relationships

Who are your ecumenical and interfaith partners in your community? How about reconciling events and initiatives with them during this year?

Common Prayer Service
On October 31, 2016, the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church are hosted a joint ecumenical commemoration of the Reformation. Pope Francis, LWF President Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan, and LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr. Martin Junge led the common prayer service in Lund, Sweden and the public symposium that followed in Malmö, Sweden. See pictures and video here

R500_Kick_Off_Event_ButtonAs the Metropolitan New York Synod, we are joined with the Catholic Archdiocese of New York to offer an opportunity to not only watch the livestreamed events in Sweden, but to worship together using the Common Prayer liturgy developed for this occasion. See pictures from this event here. Watch a video from the day here

R500_Kickoff_Toolkit_CoverWe hope that congregations will seek opportunities to not only commemorate the anniversary of the reformation, but to build stronger bonds with local Catholic communities. We've developed a toolkit for local commemorations that will help guide you through hosting an event similar to the October 31, 2016 events in Sweden and our synod. Download the toolkit.

Download a ready to print bulletin for the Common Prayer service
Download a customizable flyer
Download a customizable bulletin insert


Addressing Current Societal Needs and Opportunities

How might you engage your community with service projects, making the most of our tagline, "God's Work. Our Hands.?"

The Forgotten Luther
Many people remember Martin Luther’s sharp critique of the abusive practices of the church, but few of us are as familiar with Luther’s equally sharp critique of the abusive economy of his day, an economy that made a few people wealthy and a lot of people poor. ELCA World Hunger and our own Hunger Committee are helping people understand these themes through studying the book The Forgotten Luther. ELCA World Hunger has also provided a series of videos on this topic

Martin Luther’s Commentary on the Magnificat
At our 2017 Synod Assembly we delved deeper into Mary's Song, The Magnificat, during worship. Read Bishop Rimbo's Bible Study and Sermon from the Assembly to learn more about how we called into bold witness and advocacy.

Service Learning Opportunities
Find more resources and ideas for service activities here.


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