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For such a time as this

Marked with the cross of Christ forever,
we are claimed, gathered, and sent for the sake of the world.


The 2012 Synod Assembly approved this strategic plan to direct the work and resources of our synod for the next decade. Download the approved 2013-2023 Strategic Plan:

View the charges for the three strategy areas.

February 2014 update: Synod Council approves watershed resolutions to implement strategic plan, actions to support congregations 

Pastoral Care Team, from top left: Derr, Erato, Irving, Jurik, Mossl


Bishop Rimbo has recently appointed a Pastoral Care Team to work with Pastor Marc Herbst as the strategic plan is implemented. Members of the Pastoral Care team are: Pastor Amandus Derr, Pastor Emilce Erato, Pastor Brenda Irving, Pastor John Jurik, and Pastor Ernst Mossl.



The Claimed, Gathered, and Sent Committees are busy at work! Here are some of the ways the strategic plan is unfolding:

  • Our synod has undertaken three pilot projects aiming to reinvest in our communities. We seek creative solutions for recommitting to ministry in places where our traditional configuration may be enhanced to more fully serve the community. Pilot projects have begun in the Bronx, Southwest Queens, and Western Nassau. In each case, consultants are working collaboratively with synod staff, the pastoral care team, and the local dean to ensure that word and sacrament ministry continues to be provided in these areas. Partnering with social ministry organizations and shared ministry are some of the options being explored.
  • In order to produce a current, comprehensive resource of available ministries, we are actively surveying all the congregations of our synod to see what is offered in five areas of focus: education, health, immigration, employment, and family.
  • Our synod is engaging with a communications consultant firm to help us better tell our stories through traditional and social media.
  • Recognizing the need to support viable congregations reinvesting in their ministries, we are developing a process to offer targeted matching grants to spark and encourage capital improvements that enhance service to our communities.
  • We are developing a process to offer continuing education grants to spark and encourage leadership development--targeted specifically at training designed to meet contemporary challenges.

A big thank you to all who came to learn more about the strategic plan at the Quadrant Visits from Bishop Rimbo, the synod staff, and strategic plan leaders. See photos from all the Leaders Retreats below: 

Stay tuned to our synod e-letter for the most up-to-date information.


Strategic Plan Leaders


Ms. Maria del Toro
Chair of the Strategic Plan and MNYS Vice President
Member of Saint Peter's, Manhattan


The Rev. Emily Scott
Claimed Committee Chair
Pastor of St. Lydia's, Brooklyn


The Rev. William Baum
Gathered Committee Chair
Pastor of St. Barnabas, Howard Beach

The Rev. Marsh Drege
Sent Committee Chair
Pastor and Executive Director of Seafarers & International House


Ms. Barbara Johnson
Sent Committee Vice Chair
Member of Transfiguration, Harlem


Mr. Edward Wagner
Financial Management Committee Chair
Member of Saint Peter's, Manhattan

The Rev. Marc Herbst
Assistant to the Bishop for Strategic Plan Implementation




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