The Sower's Project

MNYS GRANT PROGRAMS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: In an effort to financially manage the current pandemic and prioritize the well-being of all our congregations, the Congregational Capital Improvement Challenge Grant, Leadership Development Grant, Wider Church Fund Grant, and Sower’s Project Grants are on hold until further notice. MNYS is committed to caring for all God’s people and to the sustainment of our members, leaders, congregations, and communities in the light of the Holy Spirit.





Welcome to the Sower’s Project

The Sower’s Project is a synod-wide initiative to seed grassroots ministries in our communities, and encourage them to grow and thrive. Anyone in the synod may nominate a community where they think a new ministry is needed, or a leader equipped to “sow” a new ministry.

Know a community or group of people where the gospel would flourish? Know someone with the gifts to start ministries?


A ministry idea or project that helps share the Good News of God’s love with groups of people not currently served by the Church and creates opportunities for those folks to connect to or form Christian communities.


Anyone with a strong love of God and neighbor! Leaders (or “sowers”) don’t have to be ordained or have gone to seminary, though if their ministry takes off, we may invite them to do more theological study. It is important that sowers be self-starters, have good interpersonal and communication skills, be able to clearly and confidently share their faith, be able to adapt to change, and capable of handling failure.


Any community not being served by an existing ministry in the Metro New York Synod. The goal of the Sowers Project is to plant seeds for ministry in communities and groups of people which are not currently being served.


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