Growing in Faith


The New York Diakonia Program


What is Growing in Faith?

Growing in Faith is a two-year process of spiritual formation and theological education, also known as The Diakonia Program.

Diakonia is a national program of education for people in the Lutheran church. It was developed by a Lutheran pastor (former MNYS Bishop Stephen Bouman) to help develop dynamic disciples. While the program is designed to be completed in two years, some students take more time.

Is this for me?

If growing in your faith sounds exciting to you, then YES, the Diakonia Program is for you.

Growing in Faith The New York Diakonia Program, fulfills Martin Luther’s desire that all people study their Christian faith.

This program is for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of the Lutheran faith and learning other ways to use their skills for service to God and their community of faith. Speak to one of our location managers about how this program might work for you.

The program provides educational and spiritual growth through worship, retreats, and a supportive community of fellow students, mentors, and instructors. It includes twelve courses, six per academic year.

Each course is five (5) sessions in length, and meets weekly for one three (3) hour session. Assignments and reading reflect the twin purposes of relating subject matter to the students' context of life and ministry (family, parish, neighborhood area of ministry), and providing a solid background on the topic.

Topics include: Old and New Testament Studies, Church History, Christian Ethics, Worship, Visitation, Spirituality and Church Doctrine.

Students work at their own level, and assignments reflect the understanding that students are already busy in their families, jobs, and parish. Typically, students average approximately two to four hours of studies per week in addition to class time.

Participants want to deepen their life of faith. Many students find that through their coursework they become more interested in serving the Church in a variety of ways: teaching, administration, liturgical leadership, action for social justice, evangelism, visitation of the sick, community organization, youth work, ministry among the elderly, and the like.

Although this course of study is used by students who wish to continue on to become a Rostered Deacon in our synod, it is not a requirement of the classes to  serve in this way. (In fact, the majority of graduates do not go on to become deacons)

A recent graduate says:
"Now I know why Lutherans do what we do in our worship and in the world. I understand the Bible and its history more deeply, and can talk more comfortably about my faith.

Another recent student states:
“This experience provides a background and foundation for following God's call to "go out" It strengthens you for weekly worship and your Monday through Saturday walk. The energy and enthusiasm from fellow Christians is contagious!"

Don’t wait to “Grow your Faith”

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Contact a location manger or one of our Steering Committee members:

Executive Director: Rev. Rebecca Pollicino
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Committee Chair: Deacon Ingrid Compton
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New York Locations, Meeting Time, Location Contact

Executive Director:
The Rev Rebecca Pollicino 
e: [email protected]
p: 516-225-6859
Steering Committee Chair:
Dcn Ingrid Compton 
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