Community of Faith

Saint Barnabas is more than just a church; we are a vibrant and inclusive community of faith deeply rooted in God’s love. Our mission is to be a beacon of hope, compassion, and support for the people of Howard Beach and our surrounding communities.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Service at 9pm

All are Welcome!

Sunday School is not just about learning; it's about making lifelong friends, deepening our faith, and having fun while doing it. Join us this Sunday for a dose of inspiration and community.

100 Years Strong

Following our centennial celebration in 2022, our church continues to thrive. Although our congregation is relatively small, we remain active within the community and have achieved remarkable feats throughout the years.

Worship with Holy Communion
Sunday: 10 am
Sunday School
Sunday: 9 am
Coffee Fellowship
Sunday: 11 am
Please Join Us. All Are Welcome

Saint Barnabas Lutheran Church



A Visit from St Nick

There is a visit from St. Nick following worship on December 3.



Bring your friends and neighbors for our annual Advent events! All are welcome!


Christmas Eve

Please join us for Christmas Eve Worship at 9pm. All are welcome!

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From Our Synod



Heads of Churches Meet in Solidarity and Prayer

The North American heads of Churches Beyond Borders met online with their Lutheran and Episcopal counterparts in the Holy Land in solidarity and prayer.


Leave of Absence Approved for Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Church Council Executive Committee approved Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s request for a leave of absence.


MNYS Compelling Preaching Initiative

The Metro New York Synod has received a grant of $1,249,991.00 from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish the “Pilot Studies of the Church’s Future” Program.

Ministries Offered 


Women's Fellowship


Sunday School

Scholarship Committee



Social Ministry



There is a place for you here.

Our commitment to outreach and service extends beyond the walls of our church. We actively engage with our community, addressing our neighbors' unique challenges and joys. Through various programs and initiatives, we seek to positively impact the lives of those we serve, from assisting the less fortunate to providing a safe space for spiritual exploration.

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