Celebrating 100 Years

Historical Highlights

May 9, 1923
16 Lutherans met under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Scheld.
May 13, 1923 
The first service was conducted by The Rev. James Berg in the social room of the Munson Firehouse. 26 attended. Sunday School started with 18 children.
The Rev. Theodore Moldenke, acting Field Missionary, held worship and First Communion classes in the firehouse.
Oct. 23, 1923
Formally organized with 39 Charter Members.
Oct. 30, 1924
First annual congregational meeting was held, and members decided to purchase the land at the corner of Court House Road and Washington Avenues.
May 3, 1925
Groundbreaking for the Chapel and Parsonage.
June 1, 1925
The Rev. Luther Gerhart was called as the first pastor upon his graduation from seminary. He served through December 1926.
Feb. 1, 1926
The Chapel/Parsonage was dedicated.
The Rev. Paul Beard
The Rev. John Schmitthenner
The Rev. Harry Lenz
The Rev. Dorr R. Crounse – During his ministry, the land was purchased on the corner of Franklin and Plane Avenues to build the “new” church.
The Rev. Albert T. Keyser – Ground was broken for the present church, on August 29, 1950. The cornerstone was laid on November 19, 1950, and the Church was dedicated in May 1951. The parsonage construction began in March 1954 and was dedicated on September 19, 1954. On May 4, 1958, the Parish Hall was completed and dedicated.  The following year, on September 13, 1959, the six foot Chancel Cross was dedicated.
The Rev. Reed A. Greninger – the growing congregation needed an Assistant Pastor. The Rev. Brian Henshaw served from 1964-1967 and was followed by The Rev. George Summers from 1968-1970. In January 1973, our new Allen Organ was dedicated. On October 26, 1975, we celebrated the “burning of the mortgage.” The following year, on September 26, 1976, a service honoring Pastor Greninger’s 35th year of Ordination and the 15th Anniversary of his Ascension ministry was held.
The Rev. John Richter – Under his guidance, Joyful Noise Preschool, started in September 1983. 
A Congregational Advocate, Ray Kissam, was added to the staff. Ascension participated in the Intern Program.  Interns under his supervision:
  • The Rev. John Trump 1985-1986
  • The Rev. Fredi Eckhardt 1987-1988
  • The Rev. Mary Gaebler 1988-1989
  • The Rev. Carol Lankes 1989-1990
  • The Rev. Robert Doll 1990-1991
  • The Rev. Lori Ruge-Jones 1992-1993
  • The Rev. Marilyn Lang, supervision
The popular Fellowship group began during these years.
The Rev. Charles Streich served as Pastor.
The Rev. Cherlyne Beck introduced and trained Stephen Ministers. Interns under her supervision:
  • The Rev. Craig Miller 1994-1995
  • The Rev. Roseann Vita, Supervisor
  • Pastor Hosmer 1996-1997
The first Fair was held in November 1995.
The Rev. Gregory Sutterlin
Commissioned Deacons to Ascension:
  • Mary Barberio 8/16/1997
  • Rory Schoenfeld 9/16/2001
  • Joyce Saueracker 9/16/2001
The Rev. White served as Interim Pastor
The Rev. T. Luper served as Vice-Pastor
The Rev. Haiko Behrens held German services about once a month. Hosted a choral group from Germany and also led members on a trip to Germany. In May 2009, Cup of Blessings Coffee House was started by Fred and Rory Schoenfeld.
The Rev. Bob Cederstrom served as Interim Pastor.
The Rev. Mark Kiesel served as part-time Pastor.
Sunday evening healing services were introduced.
Commissioned Deacon to Ascension:
  • Carole Brosnan 5/3/2014
The Rev. John A. Jurik serving as Interim Pastor. Congregation Councils of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and Ascension Lutheran Church began monthly joint meetings to consider combined ministry; St. Andrew’s, New Hope, and Ascension Lutheran Churches conducted combined confirmation classes.
Commissioned Deacon to Ascension:
  • Fred Schoenfeld 4/14/2018
The Rev. Emilce Erato becomes Interim Pastor.