Lutheran Care Network

Lutheran Care Network

Laraine Fellegara, CEO

Our Work

Here are a few examples of how lives of seniors and their families have been enhanced:

The development of the Memory Care Unit at Lutheran Care Center featuring personalized memory boards outside each resident’s room, specific dementia therapies, and the use of soft memory dolls and calming mechanized cats.
An expanded music therapy program, including the creation of a Hand Chimes Choir and a Song Writer’s Club. Intern music therapy students from SUNY New Paltz and Vassar College are now part of the team.
Expansion of our Foster Family Program, which allows families to “adopt” a senior living alone. He or she becomes part of a larger family, sharing in meals and activities, and receiving assistance with medications and basic challenges.

As the population in the U.S. continues to age, the need for excellent care and affordable housing for seniors continues to intensify. The boards, administrators and staff of The Lutheran Care Network are motivated in part by Luther’s urging to use the gifts God has given us to make a positive effect in this world—in this case, with older adults. This sense of calling is intentionally reinforced. All God’s children are welcome. It is felt in the care and respect shown each individual. Spiritual care resources are made available to those of all faith backgrounds.

The Bells of St. John’s (St. John’s Ev. Lutheran, Poughkeepsie) joined the Lutheran Care Center Hand Chime Choir (Poughkeepsie) on February 20, 2020, to present Bells & Chimes! Used as part of the music therapy program, the chimes were purchased with funds from the Hudson Valley Hand Bell Conference.

We Are Church Together

TLCN was founded by Lutheran congregations. As a non-profit, operating in a healthcare system of diminishing reimbursements, we are grateful to local congregations that partner with us in this ministry. Together, we make a difference in the lives of residents. Mrs. Lois Hoger served as a volunteer organist, committee member and volunteer at Lutheran Care Center for over twenty years. Upon her passing, she designated LCC as a recipient of memorial gifts. The generosity of her family, friends, and neighboring congregations provided for a beautiful and much-needed Rodgers replacement organ in the chapel, enhancing worship several times a week. Several organists volunteer for worship services and Eucharistic Visitors distribute communion to those who are unable to attend worship.

The 2019 Three Kings Celebration at Martin Luther Court - Community Housing in East New York, Brooklyn. The service, led by local Lutheran congregations, included readings, prayers, and songs in English and Spanish, gifts, and a delicious dinner featuring Pernil and a beautiful Rosca de Reyes cake.

Get Involved!

Volunteers are essential to the success of our ministry! Share your talent in a variety of ways: music (performance, accompaniment, worship), drama, teach an art or craft class, lead an activity, assist residents with technology, read to someone, play games/puzzles, assist with wheelchair transportation, join a team of Spiritual Care providers, serve on a board and, of course, contribute financially. TLCN offers speakers, available to congregations on topics of relevance to seniors and caregivers, at no charge.


The Annual Service of Thanksgiving & Luncheon at Martin Luther Terrace Apartments, Kings Park was led by Pastor Robert Schoepflin of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, and included St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church and Cantor B.R. Levy. The chefs who prepared the luncheon at this low-income housing site were none other than MLTA tenants!