Synod Council

Synod Council

Between meetings of the Synod Assembly (the highest legislative body of the synod), the Synod Council serves as the board of directors. The Synod Council is made up of voting members from different conferences, as well as four officers: president (the bishop), vice president, secretary and treasurer.

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Bishop Paul Egensteiner
Christopher Vergara, Vice President (2022-2026, 1st)
The Rev. Robert Schoepflin, Secretary (2022-2026, 4th)
Mr. John Litke, Treasurer (2022-2026, 2nd)
Cynthia Corley (2021-2024, 2nd)
​S. Dcn. Dave Ehlers (2022-2026, 2nd)
The Rev. Garry Squire (2021-2024, 3rd)


The Rev. Patricia Avila (2022-2026, 1st)
Dr. Raymond Cheung (2022-2026, 1st)
Monique Davis (2021-2024, 1st)
The Rev. George Dietrich (2021-2024, 2nd)
S. Dcn. Philip Jenks (2022-2026, 1st)
Erich Markert (2021-2024, 2nd)
Lily Sage Mathias (2021-2024, 2nd)
The Rev. Ernst Most (2022-2026, 1st)
Anaih Nieto (2023- 2024, 1st)
The Rev. David Parsons (2018-2022, 1st)
S. Dcn. Denise Rutherford Gill (2023-2026, 1st)
Aidan Sargent (2021-2024, 1st)
Thomas Sargent (2018-2022, 1st)
Cecil Spurlock-Schackelton (2022-2026, 2nd)
The Rev. Brooke Swertfager (2021-2024, 1st)
The Rev. Kimberly Wilson (2021-2024, 1st)
The Rev. Kristin Wuerffel (2023-2026, 1st)