Pastoral Supply List and Fees

Supply List

The Supply List is updated often. These are the only pastors approved for supply work in synod congregations. For information on pastors not shown here, please contact the bishop’s office.
For a copy of this list please contact Regina Daniels, indicating your name, position, congregation, and the supply work you are in need of
Please contact Regina Daniels with any corrections to this list.

Pulpit Supply Fees

Churches must make their own supply arrangements. Suggested fees are:

      $175 for one worship service (morning or evening)
      $225 for 2 services (same day)
      $250 for 3 services (same day)

plus travel expenses (mileage at $0.54/mile or the current IRS rate, tolls and parking if by car, or mass transit fares with receipt)

Visit to find current IRS rates for travel expenses.

Please contact Sue Brandt with questions.