From a Bishop's Desk

A series of opinion articles and essays from bishop's of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and ecumenical partners.


What Rough Beast Slouching from Ground Zero?

Sep 11, 2019
Just a few blocks away, on a beautiful September day five years earlier, the Twin Towers had come tumbling down, destroying the lives of thousands. For a brief moment afterwards, the world’s attention and our own was focused on what mattered most: our shared humanity, our communal compassion, our deepest spiritual longings and hope. But, too soon, all that changed. In the ripples of 9/11, something ugly has emerged, slouching from Ground Zero: a hardening of the heart toward the stranger amon

This Bishop Loves You

Jul 01, 2019
“You mean I'm not going to hell?” I was stunned. “No,” I said. (Along with Bishop Eaton, I believe there is a hell but it is empty, by the grace of the Father and the love of Jesus.) “God loves you!” He held my hand a little longer and then said, “Come here. Give me a hug” As I did so, he repeated his initial question, “So I’m not going to hell, right?” “No!” I repeated, maybe a little more emphatically this time. “God LOVES you!”

Jericho Walk Reflection

Jun 24, 2019
What was expected of me and those with whom I walked today? To show up. To bear witness. To pray. To challenge anything that denies respect and dignity for God’s children.