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Association of Lutherans of Arab and Middle Eastern Heritage

The Association of Lutheran of Arab and Middle Eastern Heritage is concerned and disheartened about the violent events that are taking place in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan who are facing the threats of expulsion and home demolition.

Jerusalem is important to Christians, Muslims and Jews. It should be a city of peace and worship for all people. It cannot be claimed exclusively by any one group. Attempts to deny the rights of its Arab residents to live in equality in their homes will only bring suffering and injustice, but never peace. Equality and freedom – not exclusivity and domination - should be the guiding principles of both policy and practice.

We condemn all forms of violence, including the bombing of civilians by Israel and the rockets targeting Israel from Gaza. We mourn those who lost their lives, we pray for those who are injured, and for those who have lost their homes.

If you want to help, the first step is to inform yourself to the best of your ability. Seek out Middle Eastern members of your community who have a direct connection to the Holy Land. Use your heart and mind, and take the time to read and understand beyond the headlines. When you’ve done that, contact your local politicians and make your voice heard. And of course, please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

For more information visit the ELCA action alert and is a way you can take action Peace Not Walls - May - Team ELCA

Rev. Khader El-Yateem

ALAMEH President

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