Annual Assembly Materials

Synod Assembly Materials 



The agenda will be posted in our Synod Assembly Resources webpage by April 21. The agenda is formed through a sub-group working to propose the overall shape of plenary times, based on requests received by the Office of the Bishop. The assembly planning team reviews the requests and recommends a draft agenda to the Executive Committee and Synod Council who approve an agenda for recommendation for adoption. The recommended agenda is then shared with the assembly for consideration. 

Nominations and Elections

Voting members at the assembly serve on behalf of all the people of this synod. Voting members are called to make decisions for the well-being of our synod and the whole church. Voting members of the Synod Assembly will be entrusted to elect Synod Council members, Consultation Committee members, and Discipline Committee members. Read more HERE. To submit a nomination, click HERE.

Reference and Counsel

The Reference and Counsel Committee collects, reviews, and presents resolutions and memorials to the Synod Assembly. Resolutions and memorials are proposals for the ministry of our church. Memorials address broad policy issues and are passed by Synod Assemblies for consideration by the Churchwide Assembly. Resolutions are requests for synodical consideration or action. 
Submitting a Resolution or Memorial
The deadline to submit a resolution or memorial is March 17, 2023. For help creating your resolution or memorial, see the ELCA’s Guidelines HERE. Once completed, please email your document (PDF format is recommended) to Maria Rodas, "Data and Events Manager / Administrative Supervisor," at [email protected] or 212-870-2387, and attach any photos or additional materials you wish to include. 

Submit a Report for the MNYS Bulletin of Reports Section B

MNYS Conferences, Committees and Partner Organizations are invited to share their work with the synod in our annual Bulletin of Reports. All reports are due on March 17, 2023. If you have any questions, please email Lori Scaffidi at l[email protected]. To learn more or access the forms to submit a report, please click, HERE
*S. Dcn. are granted a voice but must be elected by their congregation to be voting members. Congregations are strongly encouraged to register Alternate Voting Members at no cost. Having alternates registered will ensure that if a voting member is unable to attend the assembly, the alternate can take their place.