Our (Little) "Care for Creation" Artists

Our (Little) "Care for Creation" Artists

We are inviting the little ones from our congregations to share their talent with us!

During our 2019 Synod Assembly, we will curate an art exhibition related to our theme, "Care for Creation," and we would love to feature art from our children.

If you can coordinate a "Care for Creation" art class as part of your lessons and would like to share the resulting artworks in our synod assembly, please send them to the synod office, by May 1, 2019.


Please bear in mind the following specs:

  • We will only be able to feature paintings during this exhibition (3D or textured paintings will be accepted).
  • See below the allowed sizes of the paintings:
    • 8.5X11
    • 14X22
    • 18X24
    • 24X36
  • We are encouraging the use of recycled materials in the creation of these works.
  • The synod office will not be able to return art pieces. If you would like to collect the pieces, you can do that after the closing service of the assembly, at the Westchester Marriott Hotel.
  • Please send the artworks to the synod office (address below), by May 1, 2019
Metropolitan New York Synod
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1620
New York, NY 10115

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