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Arts Ministry at St. John's in Manhattan

Jul 16, 2018

By Alex Lawrence




St. John’s continues to be grateful for the Sower’s Grant that is offering support to our emerging arts-based ministry.

St. John’s Presents is our concert series that gives young musicians of diverse styles a venue to present their unique sounds. We are inviting neighborhood seniors to come for free in an effort to bridge generations.

Theatre at St. John’s collaborates with four different resident companies to support creativity, bring theatre artists together in community, and provide thoughtful theatre for our neighbors. A recent production addressed the insanity of gun violence head on. Through providing rehearsal space, production venues, and social gatherings for artists, we are building a reputation as a place of artistry for artists.

This spring we will also be producing our own production of a new play Insisted Living, that further advances the interweaving of excellence in art with engaging articulation of a bold, progressive proclamation of the good news of God’s love made known in Jesus Christ.

The influence of this ministry is having its effect on other aspects of St. John’s life together as a diverse community of faith. Musicians and actors have contributed to liturgies. And we have a new element in our Sunday morning liturgy called: Creative Commentary. Members are invited to create a creative expression of the readings or psalm. So far, we have had theatrical, musical, and visual art offerings. 

In addition, the council is exploring a reimagining and reshaping of our sanctuary space to better provide for the diverse uses yet retaining its dignity as a sacred space.

The seeds are well planted and we are seeing growth.