Committees, Commissions, Task Forces, and Teams

Anti-Racism Committee
Leads synod-wide anti-racism efforts and training

The Rev. Marcia Parkinson-Harrison, and The Rev. Alex Raabe, Co-Chairs

Audit Committee*
Recommends the appointment of the independent accountants and reviews their annual financial statements, reports, and recommendations

S. Dcn. Donna-Mari Fieldsa, Director of Finance & Grant Management for the Office of the Bishop
John Litke, MNYS Council Treasurer

Candidacy Committee
Works with people who want to become ELCA rostered ministers

The Rev. Elise Brown, Chair
The RevRebecca Seely, Candidacy Coordinator for the Office of the Bishop

Clergy Compensation Guidelines Task Force
Reviews the guidelines for clergy compensation

S. Dcn. Donna-Mari Fieldsa, Director of Finance & Grant Management for the Office of the Bishop

Constitution Review Committee
Works with congregations and their constitution updates

The Rev. Robert Schoepflin, MNYS Council Secretary

Consultation Committee*
Works with congregations in crisis

12 persons, elected by the Synod Assembly

Discipline Committee*
Investigates situations where the discipline of a rostered minister may be needed

12 persons, elected by the Synod Assembly

Environmental Stewardship Committee
Educates and encourages congregations to act with greater environmental responsibility

Gerard Falco, Chair

Executive Committee*
Reviews items to come before the Synod Council

Christopher Vergara, MNYS Council Vice-president & Chair
S. Dcn. Gayle Ruege, Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Hunger Committee
Promotes action on hunger issues

S. Dcn. Karen Nurmi, Chair


MNYS Assembly Planning Team
Plans and manages details at the Synod Assembly

MNYS Communications & Events Staff
The Rev. Paul Johnsen, Synod Assembly Coordinator

Nomination and Election Committee
Solicits and organizes nominations for synod offices and some synod committees; compiles, distributes, and counts ballots and reports results at the Synod Assembly

The Rev. Kevin O’Hara, Chair


Reference and Counsel Committee
Collects and makes recommendations on resolutions being presented to the Synod Assembly

The Rev. Martha Cruz and The Rev. Rebecca Pollicino, Co-Chairs


Synodically-Rostered Diaconate Council
Sets policies for deacons’ education and performance

S. Dcn. George Guinnan, Chair
The Rev. Christopher Mietlowski,
Representative for the Office of the Bishop

Tanzania Companionship Committee
Works to enrich our companion synod relationship with the North Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

The Rev. Perucy Butiku, Chair

Worship Committee
Plans synod-wide worship events and worship at synod assembly

The Rev. Zachary Dean, Chair
Bishop Paul Egensteiner

*Standing committees are constitutionally mandated. Members of standing committees are elected by either the Synod Assembly or Synod Council. All other committees, task forces, tables, and initiative members are appointed by the bishop with the advice and consent of the Synod Council.
Updated: 04.25.2023