Mission Forward

  • Our Purpose is to live like Christ in our communities 
  • The Priority of our Synod is to have community-oriented pastors in all viable congregations 
  • A key Principle is to ensure reparative justice and advocacy
The purpose of the members of our synod is to Live Like Christ in Our Communities.
Our priority is to have community-oriented pastors in all viable congregations. Pastors who lead our congregations to live like Christ in the “neighborhoods” around our church buildings as well as inside the four walls. The Metropolitan New York Synod will help lead pastors to become more community-oriented and inspire their people – Jesus’ disciples – to do the same, and we will focus on recruiting candidates for leadership in our ministry sites from within our communities.
The 2012 Synod Assembly established viability norms for all congregations, emphasizing weekly worship, pastoral support, elected leadership, and financial responsibility. Non-viable congregations will still contribute to our mission of living like Christ in communities, with guidance provided for alternative service options.
The key guiding principle that will align all our work is to ensure reparative justice and advocacy. We can look at this opportunity as a reversal of decades of neglected mission and a shared opportunity on the part of our entire synod to be among God’s beloved children who need to hear and experience in material ways the Gospel of grace we hold so precious. We are totally committed to the holy work of advocacy.
As a synod, our vision is to share Christ, care for our neighbors, work for justice and equity, and welcome all God’s children in the communities of Metro New York for decades to come. Together, we will be leaders in this focus and alignment.
We Are Church Together!