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Evangelism Task Force

Evangelism Task Force of the MNYS 2025 Vision Plan

The Rev. Paul B. Milholland, chair


We Are Resilient TOGETHER

Evangelism is sharing the Good News of God’s love made known to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are called to share our faith stories—testimonies of how God’s love is active in our lives and in our world—so that all may come to know the goodness of God’s grace.

We Are Hopeful TOGETHER

“What would make us as a congregation thrive?” “How are we telling the story of Jesus’ boundless love to our congregation members, our friends and the wider world?”  “Are there activities and ministries in which we already engage that are working well?”  “Are there others that need fine-tuning or that we don’t do at all?”
These are questions that the Evangelism Task force has been discussing in the past year and a half as we work to live out our vision of
  • Sharing God’s love and grace in the community and public square
  • Reaching people through digital connections
  • Providing resources and training for congregations regarding evangelism strategies

God's Work. Our Hands, TOGETHER

In answer to this vision, the Task force has spent this last year developing a survey which we hope EVERY congregation will take the opportunity to answer.  It takes about 7 minutes to answer the survey.  Once the leadership of your parish has answered, someone connected with the task force will be in touch to set up a 45 minute interview/conversation to help our task force fully understand issues and concerns as well as best practices happening around our synod.
Our goal is to reach as many congregations as we can by the end of 2021, so that in early 2022 we can begin providing resources, workshops, speakers, and materials to help YOU thrive in the coming years.  Your answers to the survey will help us help you.  We will also share the results of the full survey with the other task forces and the synod staff.
Look for a special email about this survey, as well as a link in a future MNYS synod e-letter.  If you have questions concerning the work of the task force please speak to any task force member or contact our chairperson, Pastor Paul B. Milholland at [email protected].
The Evangelism Task Force:
The Rev. Paul B. Milholland, chair
The Rev. Kevin Vandiver, co-chair for the Sake of the World & Synod staff
Pastor Brenda Irving, co-chair for the Sake of the World
The Rev. David Anglada 
Pastoral Candidate Zach Dean
The Rev. Rich Hill
The Rev. Justin Johnson
Mazie Kienemund
The Rev. Elsa Marty
Jay O’Hanlon
The Rev. Rebecca Sheridan
Blessing Tawengwa