We Are Church Together



The Rev. Sonja Maclary

We Are Resilient TOGETHER

Our ministerium has continued to meet monthly; congregations have shared ideas and technology strategies for ministry now and moving forward.
One of many "Window" visits to members in nursing homes
Christ, Woodstock

We Are Hopeful TOGETHER

Our conference is excited by the rapid adoption of on-line ministries strategies.
Pastor Sonja's first on-line worship service on March 22, 2020
Students in On-Line “Sunday” School - modified to Wednesday evenings!
The "In Memoriam" on-line memorial service and art installation at Christ's, Woodstock honors those who have died during the pandemic. It has been archived in the Smithsonian and included in a National Science Foundation funded project of the Anthropology Department of George Washington University, where it is noted for uniquely bringing various media together to help people grieve during the pandemic.




Worship by the River with a splash in 2020!
Redeemer, Kingston produced a weekly service for YouTube and kept the tradition of the congregation worshipping by the Hudson River near the end of the summer. They added a few jet skis and a kayak for interest. Depicted here, their new Vicar, Mary Button, preaching her first sermon to the congregation in a kayak!
Redeemer, Kingston: "Blessing of the Animals" 
These three photo collages are from events related to Immanuel Lutheran Church’s outreach during the pandemic.  
We kept in touch with congregation members through monthly phone calls, emails   Each month we sent something different to each member of Immanuel, as well as neighbors,   a fused glass “we are church” piece; a letter with packets of seeds; a reed cross; we dropped off a flowering plant and visited with each member keeping in mind all CDC protocols.  Handmade cards with Bible verses or inspirational poetry were included.  
We built an accessibility ramp; hosted a car parade for Easter 2020 with signs, tambourines and hymns; for Christmas Eve each family, from the safety of their own homes,  lit candles and sang Silent Night at 7 pm and held prayer; on Christmas  Day we were permitted to visit Immanuel and mediate, pray and light a candle; we hosted a car parade past Pastor Britton’s home in honor of his 50th anniversary of his ordination  - there were banners and horn honking, well wishes and joy - over 75 cars participated.

God's Work. Our Hands, TOGETHER

The community can join together and get involved in the work that our conference is doing by sharing approaches, strategies, cooperating, and praying for one another.
Families taking part in "Christmas Cheer Car Parade," Christ, Woodstock
Pastor Sonja's car decorated for "Christmas Cheer" visits, Christ, Woodstock
Social Distancing at "Christmas Cheer Car Parade", Christ, Woodstock