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Lutheran Counseling Center  

Molly Blancke, executive director/ceo​

Our Work

Lutheran Counseling Center (LCC) provided approximately 4,500 counseling sessions during 2019 at our nine site locations in the Metropolitan NY area {sites are in Manhattan, Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), Queens, Long Island (Suffolk & Nassau Counties), and Westchester}. These sessions included ones for children (ages 4+), teens, adults, couples and families. In addition, LCC provided many interventions, seminars, and onsite grief therapy, as needed and requested by Lutheran schools and various congregations. Suicide Prevention and Intervention remains a strong program through workshops, counseling and help for families.

LCC's goal is to reduce mental health stigmas in seeking psychological and emotional healing. In a world where violence through mass shootings, terrorist attacks and suicide rates are continually increasing, the need for mental health wellness has never been greater. We provide professional, caring counseling for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, adjustment to loss, abuse, trauma, PTSD, and relationship issues. Services are provided regardless of religious affiliation, personal conviction, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age or ability to fully pay for sessions.

LCC provides hope and healing for several hundred people per year, many of who are minorities and those suffering from effects of abuse, neglect, rejection from others, or marginalization in some way. We have bilingual (Spanish/English) counselors at our Mineola, Manhattan, Bronxville, Patchogue and Farmingdale sites.

Rev. Forrest Parkinson, LMSW, LP, and Cynthia Terrell, LCSW, LCC Counselors, facilitate a Suicide Prevention Workshop for parents, hosted by St. Andrews Lutheran Church, E. Meadow.

We Are Church Together

Lutheran Counseling Center values abundant life for all people who come for help by meeting the person in need where they are and helping them to see the reality of their situation,and empowering them to make wise decisions about how to deal with issues of struggle. Our therapists strive to be guides to those who seek to change their lives, giving them the opportunity to exchange harmful behaviors, enslaving habits or attitudes for healthy, positive ones that result in a new beginning. 

LCC provides counseling for many who are unable to afford our sliding scale fees based on income through our Silent Samaritan program funded by donors, as well as through grants such as the Wider Church Fund grant and the donations we receive from churches. We provide non-judgmental, caring professional counseling. Our faith-based counseling incorporates the faith of the person receiving our help; faith is never forced and we meet the person in need where they are, with unconditional love.

Rev. Kirk Bingaman, PhD, LCC Pastoral Counselor, in counseling session.

Get Involved!

Lutheran Counseling Center has a membership program for churches and schools in metropolitan New York and surrounding areas; the cost is $600 a year, which gives the congregation the ability to refer up to six families for counseling at reduced rates for the first four sessions.  Membership also includes receiving a helpful monthly mental health article, written by our licensed therapists, for its newsletter or bulletin, as well as free professional consultation by one of our therapists for its pastor in dealing with congregational mental health issues.

Mental health seminars, onsite grief counseling, or conflict intervention therapists are available, as needed, for your church or school at an affordable cost. Some may be free due to grants.

Churches can invite a speaker from Lutheran Counseling Center to talk to your congregation

Lutheran Counseling Center welcomes volunteers, prayer partners, and donors through our Silent Samaritan program. These are people who will make a difference in the life of someone who cannot afford to fully pay for counseling fees.