Lutheran Counseling Center

Lutheran Counseling Center

The Rev. Marianne Tomecek, vice chair, Administrative Board

We Are Resilient TOGETHER

We are a healing ministry of the church offering health, hope, and wholeness by serving individuals, families, congregations, and our community. we have offered Christian pastoral counseling, both individually and to members of Association Congregations through our Membership Assistance Program. These sessions have been virtual since the onset of COVID and they have been fully compliant with HIPPA through the use of a telehealth platform. We also have offered educational information through our monthly publications, seminars for churches, schools, or other groups on mental health topics; on-site grief counseling and trauma de-briefings for schools and churches; and counselor-in-residence programs for schools or assemblies.

We Are Hopeful TOGETHER

We have weathered the effects of COVID successfully and adapted to the new needs of clients and counselors by instituting telehealth platforms for virtual sessions. We hope to be able to resume in-person counseling sessions and other offerings as people are comfortable with resuming activities on that basis.

We Are Church Together — Living Like Christ in Our Communities!

Visit our website,, and learn more about our ministry and how you can partner with us. Contact us with requests or ideas for programs that might meet your church's or community's needs. Subscribe to our publications and support the ministry by recommending our counseling services to colleagues, friends, and members of your biological and church families for counseling or mental health education. Contribute financially to the underwriting of specific programs or our Silent Samaritan program, which provides counseling services for uninsured clients.