We Are Church Together

Southwest Nassau

Southwest Nassau

The Rev. A. David Anglada

We Are Resilient TOGETHER

During the past two years, the clergy in our conference has intentionally met Wednesday morning via Zoom. We spent time sharing our personal weekly stories and congregational challenges to support and encourage each other, engaging in Pericope Study, and praying. Furthermore, we have continued to meet monthly as a ministerium.

We Are Hopeful TOGETHER

One of the many conversations we are having is how can our churches in our conference look at opportunities to work  together in “Conjunto.” For example, what if we were to have the following activities: Conference-Wide Lent series, a one-day Anti-racism training, and a Conference Asset Mapping.

God's Work. Our Hands, TOGETHER

If we seek authentic community connections and involvement, we need to be inviting, welcoming, transparent, and contextual in all of our activities and events. Furthermore, we need to use social media to communicate with the community at large. At the end of the day, it is all about communication, communication, and communication.