Western Queens

2023 Western Queens Conference Report 

The Rev. Paul B. Milholland
The Rev. Joe Mantovani, outgoing dean


We Are Resilient TOGETHER

The following is representative of the mission and ministry of the Western Queens Conference:

  • Regular monthly meetings of the Ministerium, including clergy and synodical deacons from most parishes
  • Assistance with Stacey's Food Pantry, coordinated by our Dean, Pastor Joe Mantovani, with volunteers from several congregations helping, including food collection
  • Prayer gathering five days a week on Zoom, at noon
  • Wednesday evening prayer gathering on Zoom
  • Women Together in Grace — Women's ministry from three parishes meets twice a month, via Zoom
  • Evangelism Event: Do You Know Your Neighbor?
  • Planning a fall of 2023 Ministerium retreat: From Surviving to Thriving
  • Various shared worship opportunities such as Easter Vigil, Ascension Day, etc.


We Are Hopeful TOGETHER

We are very excited about our Evangelism event in the fall of 2023: Do You Know Your Neighbor, and our upcoming Ministerium retreat: From Surviving to Thriving.

We Are Church Together — Living Like Christ in Our Communities!

We ask that the community keep us in prayer and provide financial resources to help us in our shared work of reaching out to the larger community.