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Carnegie Corporation names The Rev. Fabian Arias a member of its 2020 class of Great Immigrants

Carnegie Corporation named The Rev. Fabián Arias a member of its 2020 class of Great Immigrants, MNYS celebrates and gives thanks for his ministry—especially his ministry in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis as the coordinator of our AMMPARO/Sanctuary Ministry.
Pastor Arias has led the Metropolitan New York Synod’s Sanctuary Ministry as they support persons in need, with food distribution, covering costs for retrieving bodies of departed loved ones, and providing protective gear to essential workers in the metro NY area. Additionally, he has faithfully served his congregation Saint Peter’s Church, Manhattan. Saint Peter’s lost 50 persons to COVID-19, and nearly double this number have been ill. Pastor Arias has accompanied members of families impacted by COVID-19 with determination, warmth and deep grace.
Carnegie Corporation’s Great Immigrants honors naturalized citizens who have enriched and strengthened our nation and our democracy through their contributions and actions. Each Fourth of July since 2006, the philanthropic foundation has invited persons celebrating this country’s independence in recognizing the exemplary individuals it names as Great Immigrants, by participating in its online tribute: “Great Immigrants, Great Americans.”
This year, Carnegie Corporation highlighted the work of millions of immigrants who are playing an essential role in the global COVID-19 health crisis. Among the 38 distinguished immigrants are first responders such as Pastor Arias. Others are researchers and public health professionals. Overall, the 2020 Great Immigrants represent 35 countries of origin and a wide range of contributions to American life, from human rights and computer science to art, business, education, journalism, music, politics, religion, research, and sports.
Carnegie Corporation of New York is the philanthropic foundation established by Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie. For more information visit
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