Call Process


Call Process

The call process, also known as "looking for a new pastor," is an important planning and decision-making time. Congregational leaders, synod staff and the conference dean all work together to make it happen.

For both pastor and congregation, it is a transformational opportunity that goes beyond filling a position. It is a time of change for saying good-bye while preparing for and welcoming a new spiritual leader.

Pastors will experience a complete change of community life as they transition from one congregation to another. And congregations will reflect on their history, identity, vision, and leadership – what kind of pastoral gifts will help them incarnate their vision.

Download the Policy of the Metropolitan New York Synod on the Transition and Call Process (enacted by the 2007 assembly with revisions adopted at the 2015 assembly).

Deacon Margy Schmitt Ajer, Assistant to the Bishop for Congregations, is the synod’s primary staff person working with congregations and pastors in transition.