Earth Sunday – An Act of Solidarity with All Congregations


The Synod Environmental Stewardship Committee is asking all MNYS congregations to join us on Earth Sunday, April 24th, in an act of solidarity to raise up the importance of Creation Care and promote the Earth Charter.

We ask that during your Sunday service on that day:

  1. Include our prepared Earth Sunday Prayer of Solidarity in your church services
  2. Ring a handbell (or the Great Bell in your steeple, if possible), one time for each participating church (we’ll get you the number)
  3. Perform a ceremonial exchange and gifting of a seedling; or exchange the plant across two or three generations of congregants, with each passing of the greenery including a reminder that the recipient is now the steward of the seedling or plant.
    • We have prepared the wording for the exchange ceremony, as well as a prayer for the later planting of the seedling if you chose to do so after your service.
  4. Ask other congregations in your local community to join you, and all of us, as a further act of solidarity to protect God's Creation, our home.

Most importantly, get in touch with us so we can forward the above materials and be added to our roster of participating churches. You can reach us at: [email protected].