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A Message for Black History Month | Week 2

Feb 06, 2023

Image Credit: Sojourners | “Black and Palestinian Christians Struggle for Freedom” article.

Grace and peace, dear siblings in Christ.

And greetings from the Holy Land. I am on a trip with other bishops and spouses sponsored by United Lutheran Seminary. What I particularly appreciate about this trip, and the reason I mention it during Black History Month, is the fact that we are having many encounters with the Palestinian people, especially Palestinian Christians. I am learning things I never knew before, partly because of my lack of exposure and partly because of the information readily available to me, which is not the whole story. The saying is true: Knowledge is Power. To be responsible, faithful followers of Jesus, we must expose ourselves to the whole story, understood through faith, hope, and love. I pray you will take advantage of the resources being provided for Black History Month so you can know more and, with that knowledge, be more powerful in your discipleship.

Peace in Christ,
Bishop Paul Egensteiner