From a Lay Leader's Desk

A series of opinion articles from lay leaders in our synod.


Evangelism in the Modern World

Nov 12, 2019

By Roberto Lara, Assistant to the Bishop for Communications and Development 

Jesus was the ultimate communicator, but he didn’t just speak with or listen to people. He connected with people by using tools other than just words; the principal intent of communication for Jesus was connection. Through his actions and his guidance, Jesus sought to transform people rather than simply feeding them information. As leaders within the Metro New York Synod, we have these same responsibilities. Through communication, we are the ultimate evangelists, spreading the Gospel with great enthusiasm. In this digital age, our modes of communication are plentiful, diverse, and perpetually changing, but what remains constant is our mission to communicate all the good things God has done and to share the news with our synodical community and beyond. 


In our modern world, people feel a connection to causes rather than to organizations, and through this connection, personal and spiritual fulfillment is gained. Within the MNYS, it has been our mission to reach beyond the boundaries that confine and define most organizations, be they religious or secular. With advocacy being a huge part of our calling, we have implemented PR and cross-channel strategies and a plethora of advocacy programs to let the world know about our radically welcoming mission, and in this way, reach out to potential new members for our congregations (a.k.a Evangelism). We strive to reflect God’s limitless love for all people. 

Through various advocacy programs, the MNYS-ELCA seeks to welcome, unite, guide, and support its people. By spreading God’s love in a widely inclusive way, one feels that one’s identity, and the personal path one has chosen, is supported, and in this way, lives are spiritually enriched. From immigration advocacy to youth programs, and from opioid crises support to feeding those in need, we are truly Church Together in our celebration of diversity and through our promotion of peace. 


Before He left the earth, Jesus gave the command, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). The specifics on how the disciples were to “go” were never outlined, and therefore we must continue to work with diligence and resolve to carry on the Good News. Each day that we come together in support and appreciation of one another, we are helping to build a strong and committed community of evangelists who share the word and the love of the Lord.