From Our Bishop's Desk


A series of pastoral letters from our Bishop, The Rev. Paul Egensteiner


A Message for Black History Month | Week 4

Feb 20, 2023
Black History IS American History

A Message for Black History Month | Week 3

Feb 14, 2023
When we hear the stories from our siblings of color in African-Descent communities, hopefully, those in the white community can open ourselves to understanding so that we can be allies to our siblings in the Black community.

It’s OK to Be Alright

Apr 24, 2020
A dear friend of mine used to answer the question, “How are you?” with this response. I like it. I use it myself from time to time. It seems perfect in many ways. First of all, it’s positive and balanced. Despite what’s going on in and around me, I think I’m alright. Not “great” (which may be too optimistic for most days, especially in these times). Not “terrible” or “miserable” (which, especially for a person of faith, seems too pessimistic). But “alright.” Hanging in there. Managing.