Annual Assembly Materials

Synod Assembly Resources


We will again use Guidebook to help everyone to have everything they need for assembly in one place. Printed copies will not be provided to voting members. Guidebook Mobile App and Synod Assembly resources will be published on May 1st, 2019.


The agenda will be posted in our Guidebook Mobile App and in our Synod Assembly Resources webpage. The agenda is formed through a sub-group working to propose the overall shape and details based on requests for time and proposed business. Next the Assembly Planning Committee reviews the agenda and recommends it to the Executive Committee and Synod Council. Before it reaches the Synod Assembly for approval, about 50 people have weighed in on the agenda. 

Nominations and Elections

During the 2019 Synod Assembly, we will elect our new bishop. Learn more about the bishop's election process, here


Reference and Counsel

The Reference and Counsel Committee collects, reviews, and presents resolutions and memorials to the Synod Assembly. Resolutions and memorials are proposals for the ministry of our church. Memorials address broad policy issues and are passed by Synod Assemblies for consideration by the Churchwide Assembly. Resolutions are requests for synodical consideration or action. 
The report of the Reference and Counsel Committee will be available in the Guidebook Mobile App and on our Synod Assembly Resources webpage.

Submitting a Resolution or Memorial

The deadline for resolutions and memorials is February 6. Resolutions should be sent to María Rodas at [email protected]. Resolutions may also be brought to the floor of the assembly and will be addressed by the assembly, as time allows. A Word Document—or otherwise editable version, and 200 paper copies must be delivered to the Hospitality Table.